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You’re Happy Ever After…….

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“Go to school get good grades and if you’re lucky you’ll get into university and then you’ll get a great job and be happy ever after”

Isn’t that what we are all told……..

But look some people believe in Fairies……

You see I speak to students every day as you know we are applications only

This story really stood out to me…

I had a guy Thomas, whose been doing a sport science degree


began to get the feeling from the course content that it wasn’t what he believed it to be.

See he was spending his days studying physics, Chemistry and physiology.

All great topics of course

IF you want to be a sports scientist and study shyte in a lab that is?

But that’s NOT what he wanted to do.

He wanted and expected that by the end of the course he’d have done a lot of practical gym time.

‘cause, ye know, SPORTS science degree’s have got to have that shyte in there right??

Well NO. and I seriously have to spell this out so you’re not under any illusion

Sports science degrees do not qualify you


give you the teaching needed to coach people in a gym.

That’s not what they’re for

They never were made for that purpose and, they’ll never give you the knowledge tools skills experience or necessary ability to coach anyone in a gym.

So yeah Thomas realised this and then comes across our page Elite FPA  

He’d starts watching videos of our guys in the Elite Coaching Certification, in the gym getting into the actual delivery of coaching

He saw us teach our students what we call the “coaching eye”

that’s where we show you how to analyse any exercise in such a way

that you know how to identify any faults, errors, or compensations and

can easily fix them all with the correct coaching cues or where needed the right corrective exercises.

 Then he begins to look at what he’s actually doing and the two don’t add up for him

He’s kinda like WTF?

This is never going to give me the knowledge tools skills or ability that I want even if I was to finish out the complete 4 years

I’ll need to invest to get my degree and the 16K

……YES €16,000    <<<< WTAF?????

He tells me this mad fact that in last year’s graduation of the sports science degree he’s doing there were 40 students.

He says out of that 40 only 4 people are in the fitness industry today

And he has a mate who qualified with the same degree he’s studying just last year. he tells me the guy went to job interviews where he in his words

“he was walked all over by people who done our course in 6 weeks and had a practical ability and knowledge that made him look like a complete amateur.”

That guy now works in a call centre.

With a 16K student loan around his neck

So remember those Fairies….

aren’t you a bit old to be believing in them.

Having a degree does not guarantee you a job

Degrees guarantee you f**k all except a very definite student loan debt

that forces even people with the highest ambition and dreams of success into menial jobs they hate

just so they can start paying it off and live some kind of life

SO a word of advice if you want to do something different to this BS

that Thomas is facing (by the way he’s decided to leave that degree) save 4 years, and 16K and do our course

instead then 4 years from now while his college mates are walking out with that piece of paper…..

My man Thomas will have 4 years experience in the field of training clients, getting results and changing lives, all

while getting paid for the experience.

Now I’ll just leave that comparison with you for a second to let it sink in

We are Application only.

Our courses are not for everyone.

Find out is this right course for you, don’t be like Thomas who assumed (we all know what that does) 

what a sport science course was going to give him.


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