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Why Personal Trainer Certs are a Total Waste Of Money?

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****** Warning ********

……..just in case shit gets “ranty”


there’s a possibility

i’ve some bad news

…..YOU …..could be wasting


of money …..IF

………you’re thinking about becoming a Personal Trainer

and you’re trying to buy



because those certs are a waste of money……

Personal Trainer certs are a waste……of money 

Have I said that enough times???

now I know what

you could be thinking

“….what??? what’s he talking about???? is that not what they do?? is that not what he does” 


it’s a totally different thing

and lemme explain why 

if you want to become a trainer you need to stop thinking about it as “I need to get a cert”

because here’s the thing

IF you think it’s all just about getting certs

like wee pieces of paper 

………with your name on it

………and then you’re a trainer

……….well you should just STOP 

read that again and let it sink in^^^^^^^^

go online and buy one of those PT certs

……..without even coaching a single person live

YEP ……you can buy it online for like 300 euros

See if that’s all it took to become a personal trainer

you know ….a successful personal Trainer, that gets clients and is working in the industry 

ANYBODY could do it

but this is not reality

it’s not about just getting little pieces of

let me explain 

In 2009 I wanted to do this shit ’cause

wanted to helping people with fitness 

so I had to go and do a course

learn from the very bottom and

it wasn’t until I was finished the course

(which was depressingly fucking average at best)

I have to admit  I was dancing around steps in low-fat

luminous lycra, Reebok steps at that

and going what the fuck am I doing with my life!

Is this what the Fitness industry is,

Is this it……

seriously what is this

and at the end I just gritted my teeth,

got all the way through to the end

at the end I got this piece of paper

with my name on it …..

Sean McGarrity – personal trainer

and I was like WTF?????

door closed behind me

all I got was shit got this piece of paper with my

but I didn’t have a clue HOW to do what it said on there

and that’s when It hit me

…………..I didn’t go there for a piece of paper

I did not go on a Personal Trainer course for a piece of paper with my name on it

I went on the personal training course to get the certainty to be able to do what it said on that piece of paper

But I hadn’t a fucking clue how to do what it said on there

I felt like a complete fraud I felt like a fake

but yet I had all of this shit,

you can spot these people in gyms

your like “he got his PT cert off the back of a fucking cereal box, I mean did he collect tokens

off corn flakes send them in and get his fucking PT cert”

cause where the fuck did he learn that shit

This is a real message

and I said this can get a

bit ranty  but I’m fucked off seeing this

shit I’m fucked off seeing people get pieces of paper without actually putting

in the work and learning the skills and having

the ability that they should have in order to help people

and this is not me

saying that they’re wrong I’m saying

that their course failed them it’s not their fault it’s the course they went on

or the place that they’re buying these online pieces of shit,

they shouldn’t be allowed to do and in my experience

haven’t told you my story that’s not why people go on courses

there’s nobody that sets out to be a shit personal trainer

nobody turns around says

I’m gonna get the cheapest piece of shit cert and I’m gonna get that because I want to be shit

nobody ever said that EVER

everybody wants to be the best you can be

BUT I think some courses out there

are pulling fuckin wool over people’s eyes,

I’m not fuckin naming and shaming this is a fact

this is the state of the industry

so I ask you to consider the possibility that you never wanted a

piece of paper with your name on it like

a PT cert you want the certainty to

be able to do what it says on there

and do you know why PT certs are bullshit cuz

that’s not what you want

what you want to invest in

if you want to become a personal trainer with the ability to train people to get results that they will pay you for…… and to be able to provide an experience, they will keep coming back for

ie retain clients,

to be a successful trainer

you need …….to invest in your education

how do I know because/

we’ve been doing this for last 10 fucking years

producing the best personal trainers we won the award at the Irish fitness awards 2018 for best fitness education

not best fucking cert

not best piece of paper

with the nicest

…..shiniest hologram

………..best fuckin education

that’s what will make you a trainer that succeeds and all I want you to do if

this idea makes sense to you is not even

take my word for it click the link

and just see the kind of results our students get with the education that we

give them………… I think you’re gonna be very impressed

check out how what happened to PHIL here


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