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Want Sushi with that PT Course?

PT Course dublin

Is there such thing as a “good PT Course” or a “bad PT Course”….

Sushi. Want some with that PT Course is the question I asked…..

but getting back to Sushi…

I love it!! Maybe you do too?

Now i’m talking real GOOD stuff, not the cheap fake crap.
PT Course dublin

Imagine your in the sushi bar

and you see this awesome looking piece of sushi

fly round the belt on the sushi train

You grab it before anyone else gets a look in.

You bite in and holy shit…

its F*(king rancid!!!!

the fish is rotten!!!

It tastes like absolute sh*te.

you spit it all over the floor and bits of puke are hanging off your chin.

Everyone gasps in horror and people run screaming form the restaurant.

“It’s poison its poison run for your lives!!!” people running screaming and the building shakes as everyone leaves at once, the walls start to break and people are getting trapped and squashed to death holy fu…….

What the hell am I talking about?

Its these guys who package up absolute garbage courses and then sell them off like a sushi chef packing rancid fish at the centre of the dish.

You can’t see that the PT Course is rotten from the outside.

Its when your in the middle that you find the content is bullsh*t.

Just like that sushi.

When everyone else hears they want to run a mile too.

No one wants to be fed crap. Pure and simple!

This post was written because i’m sick of seeing good guys get wasted in this industry.

They get sucked in when they are at that vulnerable starting off stage.

When they are tryng to learn the difference between what “Good” training and

practices are VS “Bad” training and practices.

Because lets face it noone wants to be a “bad” personal Trainer.

You dont get into this industry to be shit.

You want to help.

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You need direction at the start, we all did!!

So what happens?

Its hard to know by looking which piece of sushi in my analogy has that rotten fish at the centre.

It takes a keen eye.

But it can be done.

I believe a lot of blame is on the people who make accreditation procedures, and by the companies who profit from such low standards being created.

They build a course which delivers the bare minimum or even worse they buy one ready made and slap their logo on and just fire it out there.

Then they get a slick sales and marketing team to pedal that rancid sushi, to you.

They dont care about quality.

Its the whole stack em high and sell em cheap approach.

They tell you to do the same with your PT sessions.

Thats why we have an abundance of people who are only able to compete on price with each other swamping the market with shite PT for the price of a cheap Americano.

You just turned into Starbucks dude. Starbucks is the fast food of the coffee world. Its cheap and its shite.

But you know what to expect. so you buy that sh1te.

Now look there is a saying.

If people want McDonald’s chips then give them McDonalds chips.

Guess what dude you will be stacking shelves in tesco’s six months from now if you follow this growing trend of sheep.

Its a race to the bottom.

Let me tell you something.

GOOD personal training is not CHEAP!!!!

CHEAP personal training is not GOOD!!!

Im not ever going to be compared to McDonalds. I would rather create value in a product and do business with those who see and appreciate that value.

My self worth is way above the stack em high sell em cheap approach

I expect to be paid what I’m worth for my service.

So should you.

Expect success man.

Likewise that PT Course you’re looking at. Its cheap for a reason buddy.

Its cheap becuase you get what you pay for.

Are you going to regret biting into that rotten piece of sushi because you’re trying to make do.

“I just need a cert I know what im talking about anyway.”


“im just gonna pick the cheapest sure they’re all the same!”

If that’s you, then you rock on man you eat that sh*te and enjoy bro.

What the hell do you need to know anyway.

Don’t mind me while I laugh my ass off as you eat shite and try to make a future out of that “cert” you bought.

Some people are beyond even trying to educate.

They live in a parallel universe to the rest of us guys who actually give a shit about our education, our training and those who we could potentially help.

We’re not interested in the guys in the flashy suits who don’t even train themselves anymore telling us what they THINK they know.

Training academies allowing people to go to Mcdonalds for Lunch.

I find it hilarious to look at these videos they do.

You get a little insight into what they think personal training is about.

When I see it I think to myself. “WTF is that supposed to be?”

“who in their F(*&*ing right mind would even do that?”

A simple google image search for “personal trainer course dublin” will throw up some stuff that will have you laughing your ass off.

Theres women squatting with EZ bars on their back. ===>

Best personal trainer course

PLUS more than one provider has been using this same image to promote their course.

This is the reverse of bicep curling in the squat rack and its equally as bad you gimp.

It gives you an insight into their interpretation of what training is.

Its also one of those ways you can spot that rancid rotten sushi before you end up puking your guts when your all the way into a course filled with this absolute *******!!!

Its not survival of the fittest in this scenario and it should be.

Its survival of the biggest marketing budget!!!!!

Look guys I’m not going to bore you with some sales pitch now.

Nor am I gonna blow my own flute on the internet about my courses.

I will just ask you these questions.

Why did Christian Thibaudeau pick Elite to do his international debut?

One of the worlds most influential trainers ever?

Why is Mike Robertson working with us and not those other crowds? Jesus the man is a legend already!

What about Phil Richards, surely he knows his shit where does he come to when he is in Ireland?

Juggernaut training systems, Two of the worlds strongest guys, Chad Wesley Smith and Brandon Lilly?…..

The list goes on guys

Know what I keep hearing when people call

about what we do here?

I have completed my course already with provider “X”….

but I STILL want to do YOURS because I learned nothing besides some dance moves and some pink rubber dumbels.

Do yourself a favour

I mean this is your future.

You are actually trying to make a career out of this.

The guys and girls that are making a good career out of it are educating themselves up to the tits because they love what they do.

They know its a continual learning process.

They read, read, read, question, and attend seminars to continue their learning process.

Then they repeat.

If I had one thing to tell myself when I was starting out. it would be this……..

Your income in your lifetime is dependant upon the quality of questions you ask.

So ask the right questions my friends and realise your own potential with good direction.

Thats it guys no sales pitch, no call to action, I just wanted to put that out there to help you and invite your thoughts, questions, criticism.

If you would like to talk to myself or one of my team about how to take the right steps towards building a career out of this industry you can click on our Prospectus below.
personal trainer course dublin

Take it smooth and easy and steer clear of them dodgy sushi sales men.

They really are everywhere!!


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