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There were no jobs in the Gyms in Louth For Me… So I Built My Own One

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Sean: Yo! What is the craic, Chris?

Chris: What’s happening? What’s happening?

Sean: I am fucking super excited to get you on here today, and tell these people the story, because look, just so that these guys know what they’re in for, what were you doing before you got into fitness? Give us like a back story of what your life went from, and to what you’re doing now.

Chris:               Well, before fitness, basically it was just farming. 24/7. Hated life, hated every fucking day. It was just shit. It was basically pretty fucking shit the whole time.

Sean: Well, there goes the no cursing thing. Now I definitely can’t advertise this fucking thing now, so like fuck it. You said, “Fuck and shit

Sean: So, hold on, you were farming. What’s that?

Chris: Basically, just milking cows for a living.

Sean: Holy, Jesus. Right. Okay. Okay, at what point in your life did you say to yourself, “This is not what I want to be doing,” and why was it fitness you wanted to get into?

Chris: Well, obviously, I think every PT gets into the business because they fall in love with training, first, and foremost, and then they start to get more into it. Just waking up on those cold, shitty mornings… What the fuck am I doing with my life. I always look 20 years ahead, and I see if I want to do that for the rest of my life, and if I don’t, I won’t do it. If I do, I will do it, and that’s kind of the way I judged it. That’s the kind of way I went with it, then.

Sean: Gotcha. When did you actually come in to Elite, because where you are now you’re running your own gym, right?

Chris: Yep.

Sean: Okay. How long did that take? When did you come and do the course, and what’s the craic?

Chris: I done the course in July 2018, and exactly now coming on a year and six months later, I’m at the gym now where I’m at capacity, maxed out.

Sean: That’s pretty fucking cool.

Sean: Hold up. Wait a minute. So, a year ago, and this is why I wanted to bring you on, Chris, because in one year, you’ve gone from… you were milking cows, and shit, right… saying you fucking hated life, saying to yourself, “Right, this is not what I want to do for the next 20 years,” decided you would come and do the course here. Actually, I remember you, because in the business day, you were like, “I’m going to launch a gym, and I’m going to come back to you for some business coaching, and shit. I’m going to come back to you for help.”

Sean: Now, some people do say that. There’s a couple of people in Ascension, right now, at the minute that said the exact same thing, and when people say that to me, you can go to yourself, “Nah, he’s never fucking coming back,” and I wasn’t too sure about you, Chris. I was like, “Is he going to come back?”

Sean: But, to see what you’ve done in the past, because when you started working with us, myself and Jason, inside of Ascension, since what August, September?

Chris: It’s about September, I think. August. Around that. Yeah, around that time.

Sean: Okay, so tell me, how has things changed since you started working with us in Ascension? Tell these people… a year ago you did the course, what happened then, and what’s happened now?

Chris: Well, from the course, obviously qualified, I couldn’t find a job in any gym. Got, finally, a job freelancing at a gym in November. That worked out, went pretty well. It got me client base started quick there. Around May, at the time, this year just gone, I started at looking at getting a new gym. An opportunity came up that I literally could not turn down. Like that then, I started doing up the place myself, that was all grand. But then, about a month/month and a half out is when I kind of started panicking. I said, “Right, I have no fucking… Nothing’s really in play…”

Chris: Oh, fuck. I didn’t have no structure in place, and that’s when I reached out to Sean, because I also know yous found the group, and stuff, so I knew what the group was about, and instead, there’s no things, and doubts. There’s no indecisions. It’s just all action, and it escalates a lot quicker then, when there’s action in place.

Sean: Gotcha. Okay, well look, a lot of people are going to be interested in that stuff, but I know there’s a wide variety of people here in the EFPA coaches. A lot of them are going to be starting out, so if we can go back to the bit where you walked out of Elite, here… You said it was November? You found it hard to get a job. Tell us a wee bit about those struggles, because that’s going to be something a lot of people can relate to. Like, where they’re trying to get themself placed. What kind of things did you come up against, and how did you get over it?

Chris: From the space of the end of July to the start of November, I was literally job hunting. Couldn’t get any where. That’s probably the one thing, because I’m down in Louth, so there’s no real opportunities as big as there would be in Dublin, say. There’s no PT gyms, really. There’s only one or two around here. there’s nothing major. So, the opportunities were very slim. I couldn’t find anywhere. Eventually, a new gym opened up beside me, and I freelanced out of that.

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Chris: I knew I had to build up a client base before I even started looking elsewhere. So, I got that base going. Now, the PT gym’s going, but it’s going well because there’s nothing really in competition around me, so I kind of hit a good area at a good time.

Sean: You said there was no jobs going. How long were you job hunting here?

Chris: About three or four months solid. Just couldn’t find something… Yeah.

Sean: And you wouldn’t give up. Here’s the thing. A lot of people who want to get started in fitness, and I think a lot of people in Dublin are fucking spoiled, where they think that these jobs are going to fall in their lap. Whereas, I like hearing the perseverance you have. There’s three months you’re banging on doors looking for opportunities. Describe how that went for you. What was going through your mind?

Chris: The first thing I actually done was, because the gym that I used to go to in Drogheda, I got onto them about possibly renting out that gym. I advertised, and all this craic. I didn’t get a single fucking client. Didn’t get anything. No one’s interested. Nothing was happening. So, I was like, “Right, thats not working. Scrap that.” Then, eventually, went looked more at other gyms. But again, just wasn’t successful. Nothing was happening. I just wasn’t getting any luck. Then, all of a sudden, two opportunities came up straight away. I took one of them, and it’s been great since.

Chris: But, one thing, on that, obviously three or four months job hunting was difficult, but as well, when your partner’s are very positive to you sometimes, but other times when there’s no cashflow coming in, they kind of like, “Would you not just go get a nine to five job, like everyone else?”

Chris: And you’re kind of like, “No. I’m not going to get a fucking nine to five job. I want to do this because down the line, the reward is going to be better.” So, it’s paid off. Lucky enough, it’s paid off.

Sean: Brilliant. Brilliant. But, I can relate with that. Like, if there’s no money coming in, and you’re following a dream, you do, you need supportive people behind you who are like, “You’re doing this for the right reasons.”

Sean: What was it… Why did you persevere? Like, in the back of your mind, did you have a vision of the future?

Chris: Yeah.

Sean: Right. Well, describe that to me. What was it you had, that kept you going?

Chris: Before I went to Elite, I kind of was stepping into, going into the unknown, so not really sure what’s going on. But, as the time through Elite started going on, and especially when you step out, you kind of see the way gyms are doing things. They’re kind of like… I do that differently, and you do it better, hopefully, like, as well. Even now, I do believe that taking that long road, and vision it, does actually pay off. The visions haven’t stopped then since. They’re still growing. There’s a lot more that I want to accomplish there, as well.

Sean: Well, looking back, because I know a lot of people kind of struggle with the fear of getting into fitness. You know, they’re worried. What would you say to anyone who has the kind of vision, like yourself, but they’re kind of worried, or maybe they don’t have the kind of supportive partner. What would you say to those people?

Chris: I’d say that’s normal. It’s normal to be scared. If you’re not used to that, and you’re jumping into the unknown, it’s normal. I say, if there’s no fear there, it’s not big enough. I know you say the exact same things. If it doesn’t scare you, then it’s not big enough. It has to be big to be able to achieve something big, as well, at the same time.

Chris: But, it always pays off. You take that job, you take that risk. It will come back, and it will reward you big time.

Sean: Deadly. Okay. Where is the gym? What’s it called? Tell these people where you are now, and how you got there.

Chris: So, the gym name is called Freedom Studios. I’m basically just doing semi private training. It’s in Drumcar, County, Louth, and it’s basically in between Drogheda and in between Dundalk

Sean: For fuck’s sake. Okay. Here’s another thing I want to know. You said you got into the gym after this long job hunt. Like, fucking, there’s the missus going, “Why don’t you just get a nine to five?” All this stuff, right? But you have this vision of the future, and you’re believing in it. You’re persevering. How did you actually get your first clients? Did you have any knowledge, or understanding? What gave you the confidence to go out and get your first clients? How did you do it?

Chris:               That’s the thing I always say to people, as well, and the reason why I sent my first member of staff up to yous to get educated, as well. It’s because I was working in the gym with other personal trainers who got other qualifications. The minute I walked in, I automatically felt, as in I was 20, or 30 steps ahead of them straight away, just from being educated from Elite, in terms of just being in a live gym. Like you all say, Sean, being in a live gym 24/7. The business side of things, as well. Just educated, in general, I felt 20 or 30 steps ahead of them straight away. Instantly.

Chris: That gave me the platform to get clients quicker than them, and then that just grew me every time, quicker and quicker every time.

Sean: Okay. Well, how did you initiate that first conversation to get a client? Like, what happened? Did you approach somebody? What the fuck? How did it go down?

Chris: If I was to think of my adverts right now to my adverts at the start, there’s obviously a big fucking difference in terms of the way it’s done, but I can’t remember the first. I obviously… just the usual shit. I started putting posts up on Facebook. One making the client come to you, where it’s obviously now, I changed up. I’m going after the client, as such, and it’s working out more successful. But, back then, it was okay, but it was never going to work long term. Even now, some PTs come to me and ask me for advice in the ads and stuff, and I say to them… I tell them what to do with the ads in terms of how to tweak them up, but they’re still not that successful, so I don’t know what it’s working for me, and not them. They’re obviously missing something that’s still there.

Sean: Not in Ascension, mate.

Chris: Basically, yeah.

Jason: They’re not on the A Team.

Sean: Yeah. They need to join the fucking A Team. Okay, well tell us… You got your initial first clients… What were some of things that you were struggling with? Or what made you realize you needed to reach out and ask for help?

Chris: I suppose, the main thing is, it’s keeping the clients is the biggest thing. Because, a lot of them come in… A client always comes in just really thinking about, “Oh, let me do this six week, or short…” It’s all short, long term stuff. The short stuff you are looking for them to do. You actually want them in long term in order for you to grow, as a business, and as a PT, you know. So, keeping them in the gym is probably the most difficult thing, because again, if you flip the switch, they’re coming in looking for short term, where you’re trying to educate them, to get them and tell them, “Look, maybe it’s a two or three year plan, this thing. It’s not actually a short little fix.”

Chris: So, I think, over time, as well, sales obviously… You know yourselves, when I was hassling you for a long time about shitting myself basically with the sales and stuff, because I think everyone’s uncomfortable with sales, at the start. But now, to be honest, it just comes. It comes the more you do them, the more you’re better off with them. The same with phone calls. The more sales and phone calls, the more comfortable you get with them, as well. That’s kind of the main things, like.

Sean: Sweet. What was one of the biggest things you struggled with? Because, here’s the thing. You went from a dude renting space in a gym, where you got your own clients, and then you decided, “Right. I want to get me own facility.” Okay. You came to us, but looking back at what you were doing then, versus what you’re doing now, what are some of the mistakes that you seen that you were making, that some trainers could learn from?

Chris: I think the biggest thing is… I always say… I hate seening it as well… But see, like a PT always promotes themselves, their training, and stuff like, on a business page, whereas it should just be about the business. It should be about the client, and all that type of stuff. A lot of PTs I see now make mistakes… I do on me personal page, not me gym page now. But like, a lot of them actually do it on the business page, where they’re promoting themselves, and not the business, and that’s a big mistake I see, as well. Because, nobody gives a fuck about what they can do, whereas the client cared more about what the result they’re going to get, and that’s a big mistake I see happening big time now.

Sean: Great point. That is a cracker. We talk about this when we do the business stuff in Elite. I always say, “No one gives a fuck, or a squat, PR or your food porn. That’s an important point. A lot of people need to think from the eyes of the client, looking at your page, if it’s all about you, they’re kind of going, “Well, what the f…” All they can see is your own self interest rather than what can you do for them. So, I think that’s a really important part.

Chris: Yeah. Big time. Big time. Yeah.

Sean: Okay. If you had a couple of pieces of advice to give to the young… and I know we’re only talking about a year here. Which, you’ve done a lot in a year. You went out, got a… How many clients did you have when you’re busiest time?

Chris: At the minute?

Sean: When you were renting space?

Chris: Oh, fucking 15, probably 10 – 15 max.

Sean: Okay. 10 – 15. You would have been making good money, though, wouldn’t you?

Chris: It was okay. It was more like the bootcampy type. The one to one was struggling, but it was more the groupies that were getting kind of more going. Whereas there’s no comparison to now. They were like nothing.

Sean: Okay. Gotcha. Well then, what pieces of advice would you give, even though it’s only been a year? Because you’ve done a lot in a year. You went from a bootcampy shit… What’s your business doing now, in terms of revenue? How much has it grown?

Chris: It’s grown big time. At the minute, I currently stand at 55 members in the gym.

Sean: Fuck it! 55 members? From 15 to 55.

Chris: Yeah.

Sean: Fuck me. 15 bootcampy people, to now 55 members, and your gym cost is what about 180 – 200 quid a month?

Chris: Yeah. Yeah.

Sean: So, you have 55 people at 200 quid a month?

Chris: Yeah.

Sean: That’s fucking nice revenue.

Chris: Yeah. It’s going. It’s going good. The goal coming into the new year, as well, is I want to double all that then. So, I want to double me clients, as well. That’s the next goal.

Sean: Okay. So, you want to get 100 members, at 200 quid? You want get the 20k a month revenue?

Chris: Yeah.

Sean: Okay. So, you want to go for quarter of a million next year?

Chris: I do.

Sean: Lovely! Fucking love it. Okay well, I want to ask you, before we go on about how you did that. What were… If you had three pieces of advice to give to the younger Chris, or even… because this will apply to everybody who listening, like trainers who want to do what you’ve done. How the fuck have you done it in such a short period of time, because they would want to do that, too. What were the pieces of advice you would give to the younger self?

Chris: To the younger self, I’d give me advice as in, like, number one is, don’t be afraid. I know people always say about the fear, but don’t be afraid of the fear, because jumping into that fear is where you’re going to evolve as a person, as well.

Chris: As well, as a PT and stuff, I find the more I coach people, the more my personality is coming out more. So, it grows as a person, as well as a personal trainer. A big thing, as well, is just stand out. Stand out is the biggest thing that I find that, as well. A lot of PTs, again, they kind of don’t promote themselves enough, and social media is obviously the biggest platform we have now. A lot of people are afraid to put videos up. A lot of people are afraid to put posts up, and all this shit. But, you just have to kind of say it… Like, who actually gives a fuck what’s up there? You just have to put it up. It’s there. At the start, I was very cautious putting videos up, even coming on video calls, with yourselves and like, “Oh fuck. I really don’t want to do this shit.” But, who actually cares?

Chris: It’s going to benefit you, so do it. Then, after that, it gets comfortable, and then things start ,start going, flying a lot better, after that, then.

Sean: Deadly. So, you’ve got… I suppose that, if you’re scared, that’s where the growth is, and then the second one is, who really gives a fuck. Then, maybe the third one is you’ve got to get out on social media, and promote yourself.

Chris: Yeah.

Sean: Okay. They’re fucking three pieces of advice that are deadly. Now, how have you launched a fucking gym, in September, and we’re now in December, and grown it to 55 members at 200, which is 10k a month. How have you went from a dude who was making small money in comparison to that? How have you grown it in such a fast time?

Chris: Well, Ascension is the number one thing that actually did help me, big time. Like I said, even now, I still come to yous for advice. It’s having the structure. Everyone has a fair knowledge of how to do things. How to do this. How to do that. I thought I did, but then obviously, that’s why I reached out, because I actually proper didn’t. It’s having someone to guide you along the way, was big, big thing. I said it at the mastermind to Jay last time as well, in terms of going up with the business plan, with the layout of the gym, and it was just ripped apart.

Sean: Well, tell it. People listening will not know what the fuck happened there, so look… To give these guys an idea, you came to us and said, “Right. I want to launch a gym. I’m getting into Ascension, and even though it’s a high ticket fucking mastermind, which is a big fucking investment, in your first day, what happened?

Chris: Well, I done the layout of me gym, went up to business plan day. That was fine. Showed Jay the layout, and showed yous there, as well, Sean, and literally ripped it apart. The whole layout.

Sean: You know that thing you’re about to do? Yeah, yeah. Don’t do that.

Chris: Exactly.

Sean: Okay.

Chris: Basically, that was shit. The more he actually explained it, though… The more he explained it, the more I knew the flowiness made so much more sense. That’s the big thing I learned at Ascension, was that… Because, I’m on me own in the business, and I know a lot of PTs do be on their own a lot of the time. So, having that kind of people to talk to, and discuss things with is something that you miss a lot. So, that’s why having the guidance there to push you in the right direction’s big.

Chris: But, I left that day… After the gym being laid out, new structure, and all that stuff, having to make a phone call to cancel equipment, and get different fucking equipment…

Sean: We saved you a lot of money.

Chris: Yeah.

Sean: We saved you a lot of money. Actually, on day one, Ascension paid for its fucking self. How much did you actually write off your fucking expenses? You got a load of equipment, and we were like… Jay was like, “Mate, you’re not buying all that shit there. Let me just draw a line, How much did Jay save you in that one conversation?

Chris: I don’t know fully, but I think it was about two or 3k, at least that. At least.

Sean: Really? Come on. You were going to buy three fucking Airdyne there two grand each. That’s six grand.

Chris: He missed one, though. Because, I have a dipping station I don’t… use at all.

Sean: You have a dip station?

Chris:  I have it new. I don’t know why I got it. Don’t know why I got it.

Jason: I’d start putting some dips in your programme

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Sean: We talked a bit, and like, trainers, and people who are about launch gyms often do this where… I mean, fuck, here’s why we know… because we made these mistakes ourselves. You buy shit because you’re like, “Oh, that’ll be deadly,” and sometimes you’re sitting there, and you’re looking at a gym with three fucking airdyne, six rowers, all of this stuff… there’s not any clients to use this stuff. There’s just no need for it, whatsoever. The money we saved you, you were able to invest in marketing, and what that did for you was it maxed out your fucking gym.

Sean: So, what we were really sort of saying… I think you’ll agree… it’s like, “Look. See that money you’re going to invest in equipment, that’s going to sit there idle, and have no one it, don’t buy it now, because you don’t need it now. What you need to do is you need to invest that money in marketing so that you have clients who are actually going to give you the income, monthly, recurring, that will, in future, mean that when you want to grow, you can add it, if you like, because a lot of people do… We started off in a fucking boxing ring in this gym, right. Why? Because it was a train set? It was a toy set? It was something we wanted to play with. The clients were never going to fucking use it, you know. Beginners make that mistake.

Sean: Buys a lot of unneeded, needless, useless fucking equipment. But, they’re afraid to invest in actual business advice that could bring they’re business forward. do you see that a lot.

Jason: Yeah, look, even just the example… Another example for us would be we were buying dumbbells, at one stage, we bought two and a half, to 60, I think… It was 60… Six grand for a set of dumbbells, or more maybe. You have people who buy fucking Watsons dumbbells, with the logo on them… I think they were about 10 or 12 grand. It’s not worth the fuck to ya if you haven’t got the people to use them.

Sean: I think we pulled out the 60 kg dumbbell once in the last year to do some Goblet Squats with them. I had to dust the fucking thing off. What is that doing? Nothing. Do you know? So, we saved you a lot of money in that thing.

Sean:                That was day one. We saved you a lot of money, and showed you what? How to build a gym that was actually going to be able to sustain the clients, and the kind of training you wanted to do? How quick did you get to those 50 members?

Chris: Well, I’m coming into month four now , but in the last week or two, I must have taken on 15 new clients there, as well. It just constantly… That’s the big thing to change from renting out gym to the new gym now. It’s just like there’s messages every day, coming in, a message every day. Whereas last time it was like a fucking ghost town. There was nothing happening.

Chris: So, I think, obviously the promotions, more word of mouth is the big thing that seems to be spreading. That’s obviously good feedback, as well. Because, obviously, people must be happy if the word’s spreading good, as well.

Chris: Yeah, so I coming up to four months now, it’s 55, but I have a couple of people holding off, just to settle the dust down after 15 members coming on after the last week, so there’s more, and more still wanting to come on.

Sean: Fuck it, mate. And you’ve actually sent a dude to us to get trained up so you can hire him. You’ve taken on staff. How’s that working out for you? Is it good?

Chris: Yeah. Finishing up the second week. Going well. Going well.

Sean: Brilliant. So, now you can grow faster?

Chris: Yeah. I want another one now.

Sean:  You want another one? Fuck it.

Chris: Yeah. Send another one down.

Sean: Rock on, man. Rock on. Well, that is fucking deadly results. So, how has things… Okay. We talked about how your gym’s grown. You went from 15 members, renting space at a commercial facility, to launching your own gym, coming into Ascension, we saved you a load of money, you invested it in our advice, you got leads on tap, maxed out your gym, sent the member of staff in to get trained up, you’ve hired him, you’ve gone to 55 members, you need more…

Sean: So, you maxed out your gym within, I think, the first 12 weeks with us. Within the first 12 weeks you maxed it…

Chris: Yeah. Maxed it. Yeah.

Sean: So, that’s financially, and business, but how has that changed things for you on a personal level. Because you said at the start, your missus was like, “Are you sure you want to do this?” What’s she think now?

Chris: She hasn’t said that… She hasn’t said…

Chris: Yeah. For once I’m right, so it’s not too bad.

Sean: Fuck, it’s good to be right for once.

Chris: Yeah. No, it’s good. Obviously, when you see, even saying a year and six months since I actually out of Elite, even saying that out loud, it’s even kind of still a bit fucking weird, because it feels like a lot longer, just because the way things have escalated so quickly. Even just looking back, saying coming into month four, the gym being open, and 55 members, it’s still kind of like, what the fuck happening, what’s actually happening here. No, it’s all good.

Sean: So, we’re talking about four or five people, at the minute, who are on the fence like, “Will I get into Ascension, or not?” What would you say to these people who are thinking about investing in a business coach, and who are probably where you were, not knowing whether it was the right thing, or wrong thing. What would you say to those people to get them off the fucking fence?

Chris: Just literally do it, because it saved my business. It saved it so much, but also it’s progressed it all so quickly. It’s obviously an investment. It’s an investment, but like, the way it’s  if it’s the adverts, if it’s go with Ascension, to invest you will get the rewards back. You will grow as a person, and as a business. Even though, everyone worries about money, at the end of the day, but don’t worry about it when it comes to this, because it is going to reward you big time. So, just go for it. Don’t hesitate. Do it now, because I think I done it too late. I think I rushed the good bits, so do it. Do it before you start rushing.

Sean: You think you done it too late? You waited too long?

Chris: Yeah.

Sean: I hear that a lot, actually. People always look, and say this, “I don’t know why the fuck I didn’t do this sooner. Like, what was holding you back?” I guess it is there…

Jason: Fear.

Sean: It’s like, “I’ve got this money, I’m going to give it to this dude.” It comes down to this. It’s the same as in fitness, isn’t it? Your clients are always worried with two things. One, will it work for me? Because the first initial thing is, “Do I trust this guy? Is he fucking… Can he actually get these results?” That’s the first fear, and if they get over that, they think, “Yeah.” I’ve heard so many people say it fucking works.

Sean: But then, the next thing is, once they trust you, is that they don’t trust themselves. Isn’t that it? This is the same with weight loss. People go, “Yeah, seeing this person lost that weight, and I’ve seen so many people now that you’ve helped lose weight. I’m going to trust you, but now I’m still afraid that maybe I won’t get those results. So, if I don’t trust you, and I don’t trust myself…” That’s always a fear, just like in weight loss.

Sean: But, what you know, is when you come in the other side is it works if you work it. If you have a coach with a proven track record of getting results, that’s when shit works. Just like in weight loss. Did you turn up to the fucking gym, and did you stop eating shit? If you do those two things, the outcome will look after itself. It is just a wee bit scary to start because you have to invest this money. You’re not really investing in a coach, or getting the coaching. You’re investing in your fucking self, at the end of the day.

Chris: Yeah. Because if you don’t do it you’ll always be wondering what was it like? What would it be like? But then if you go and do it, there’s no looking back. I haven’t even thought a second since joining up, because I know the minute I done it, it was the right decision to do. Just jump. Just go for it. That’s the big thing, I’m thinking.

Sean: Deadly. Thanks, Chris. So, what’s on the cards for the rest of the day. How’s your calendar looking for the day?

Chris: I have to go Christmas shopping. But, in between that then just some PTs all evening, and then tomorrow morning, as well.

Sean: Sweet. So, busy?

Chris: Yeah. Busy enough. Busy enough. That’s why you kind of hoping to get ready now, obviously two weeks now until the new year, so cramming now to get ready for the new adverts to start going out to get more members in, and hopefully grow more, then.

Sean: What I love hearing about it… What did you say? You’ve still closed 15 clients this month, in December, when a lot of people are doing fuck all. All the guys in Ascension are closing deals. They’re cashing checks, and breaking necks. I fucking love hearing that, man.

Chris: This time last year, when I was renting the gym. At this time, it was fucking dead. Whereas this year, it’s actually ridiculously busy. That’s the big thing, I know. This year. Big difference.

Sean: It’s your best month?

Chris: Yeah. Best month, so far. Yeah.

Sean: Whoo! So, you went from last year having zero income in December, going, “What the fuck!” to now December is your best month.

Chris: Yeah. Yeah.

Sean: Fucking love it.

Jason: Happy days, my man?

Sean: I think we’ll finish on that. Chris, enjoy your crimo shopping. Thanks a million for coming on. I know everybody who listened to this has got some fucking… a ton of writer downers and some great advice. Mate, it’s great to hear about how well you’ve done. Thanks for coming on.

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