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The difference between a Personal Trainer and real coaching….

I lost 1 pound this week


difference between personal training ie what is out there in the big bad world and coaching

what I’m gonna do is give

you proper value straight off what we
teach on our Elite Coaching Certification……..

I’m gonna talk about the

difference between personal training ie what is out there in the big bad world and coaching

that’s why we call ours

the Elite Coaching Certification because

there’s a huge difference between being

a PT somebody who just sticks f****ing

Sean McGarrity PT at the end their name on

Facebook and actually coaching right??????

Most people think about a PT as the

dude who gives you a diet and then he

gives you a program usually it’s gonna

be a bodybuilders pre-contest fekin

diet if you look at what’s happening in

the world out there…

Everybody’ll know that this is what

happens you go to big Dave in the

gym he gives you the f****in cleaniest diet known to man

right its usually lovely chicken and broccoli

or white fish and a rice cake

and lots of fucking water and you get

some type of three sets of 10 style

bodybuilding program.


if that’s all you needed to do

to get results with clients then I wouldn’t

be in a job neither would any of you

guys, everyone would be ripped

I mean

everybody would have all the results they

wanted the fact of the matter is we’re

swimming in information……..

we got ton of dudes who are PT’s

yet people and

the general public

as it is we’re getting fatter this

shit does not work……

What we’re talking about,

when we’re actually coaching is…..

and this is the hardest part

of it…..

It is actually tough to do as a

coach what you need to do is hold up the mirror

to your client and say

“dude this is what

you’re doing do you see this sheiiite”


you got Mary or Dave because I’m not

sexist it could be a man could be a

woman who’s just not following your


“Your actions are not in line in what you say

you want,

you say you want abs,

you say you want this stuff

but you’re not

actually following my advice because the

difference between a PT and a coach is

the coach is the one who realizes that

his job is to elicit behavioral change with his clients


get his clients actions to line up with

what he says he wants…..

because this

is what your clients are going to do and

let me prepare you for this, this is

what’s going to happen in the big bad world

when you are dealing with clients

Like for example you have Mary, who is like what are you talking


“my diets deadly I eat really good

stuff and I don’t know why I’m not losing


right they blame it on some sort

of complexity you’ve got

this complex shit I don’t know why I’m

not losing weight because you know my

diet’s really good and it must be my

thyroid or it’s my hormones you know some

complex shit that’s not in their control……….

but when you do this you’re able to

blame we know, you know, I know this is

bullshit right

so what you’ve got to do is bust this BS

bubble and then get these people to take


if they’re not

able to blame, its responsibility, the

the answer is a

simple thing, they have got to take responsibility

and they must change and

this willingness to change is something

that you need to learn as a coach and

this is going to be the difference

between your clients getting results or

being able to blame all this stuff on

some sort of complex BS.


holding up the mirror, then what it is, its

going to be the client being willing to

have some sort of ability to change or

being able to take responsibility for

that shit that

is going to be the difference between you getting results or not

so PTs are the ones who think it’s just

  1. give somebody the cleanest diet known to man
  2. give them a program to follow and then

results right?????

it’s a coach who understands

that their job is to breakdown this

bullshit bubble,

get people to take  responsibility for their actions

make sure their

actions line up with what they say they


and that this getting results is

going to be down to your ability to elicit

that behavioral change with your clients

and that shit is tough…….

and that’s

exactly what we arm students with when

they come in here and they learn from us

at Elite Fitness and performance Academy why are

we good at doing this and teaching this

because if I open this door right here

there is a fucking live gym out there

we do this with people every single day.

If you want to learn more about what we

do the courses we have I’m gonna stick a link in

you can download the prospectus

PT Course Dublin

get some course information from there

and if it sounds like something you want

to know more about you can follow the


from there and we’ll get on the

phone we’ll have a chat about it


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