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Shane McCracken


‘’The Elite staff have put together an incredible curriculum in key areas such as anatomy & physiology, myofascial release, mobility, flexibility, resistance training, conditioning, and nutrition. The curriculum presented is well researched and supported by valid scientific studies ! As a veteran school teacher in America, what I most admired about the Elite instructors is that they were beyond book smart and were dedicated practitioners of fitness and all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Based on a wealth of first hand experience, the instructors at Elite have a keen eye when guiding gym instructors and personal trainers toward mastery in exercise technique and the key teaching points needed to train clients. If you are in a tough legal bind, you want a lawyer who understands the law and can best defend you. No matter what type of service you are seeking, you surely want a consummate professional. You want the best! The staff at Elite Fitness and Performance Academy are consummate professionals. They are the best! Shane McCracken



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