Our mission is to change the way fitness eduation is being delivered so we can change the way personal training is being delivered. We are gym owners who teach you how to run a fitness business by bringing you inside our fitness business, giving you the exact systems we use to deliver results ….so you can too 


Imagine being in a real live gym every single day where you are being put in to scenarios where you have to coach your way out of. Can you imagine how effective you will be after, eating sleeping and breathing coaching for the whole time you’re on a course. Thats why our candidates are the first choice of employers. They have the skills knowledge and practical ability to back it up


Being a personal trainer is not just having a cert with your name on. You want the certainty to do what it says on there. You want the ability to train people to get results they will pay you for. That comes from education. Education is what will give you that ability and the certainty to be the trainer you want to be…. 


  • ​Learn and be taught HOW, to coach in our LIVE gym from day one, this is the most practical hands on Coaching immersion experience you can get


  • Elite are the only education provider to actually own and run a very successful gym franchise which is where you will be every day of the course so you leave here an accomplished coach who is certain in their ability


  • You get a strength and conditioning education, not the pink dumbells brigade, and forget about all that dancing bollocks if that is what you’re looking for,  you’re in the wrong place


  • You get 10 years of Actual coaching knowledge condensed into a totally UNIQUE course that combines all the elements that will make you a STAND OUT coach in your area.


  • We teach you the exact systems we use in our LIVE gym Facilities that get results, So you get the stuff that works TODAY not how the game was played 5 years ago. 


  • You get more than just a cert. You get an EDUCATION and ability to train clients so you get real-world results, that your clients will pay you for. 


  • We want you to know how to market yourself in a saturated PT industry so you have the confidence you need to get leads into your business. so we teach social media marketing and sales so you you leave with a plan and the certainty to make shit happen. 


  • We will show you how to close those leads into your programmes so you have clients and a stable income. It’s not just about being a coach you have to be good at the business side too.


‘’I was so proud when I received my certificates for Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer after only 6 short weeks! You won’t find another course like the one from Elite Academy.The Academy is only two years old and has an incredible reputation! ! Obviously there’s a reason why, the provided material delivers all the information you need to start with in your new career and enables you to be distinguished from all the other trainers out there from the first day you start working! The coaches are world class level with years of practice in the fitness industry. To teach everything from perfect technique to sales and marketing in 6 weeks to people with zero knowledge about the topic, now that is something incredible!‘’
Yana Nova
‘’I thought I knew my fitness until I did the course at Elite. I always went home full of new inspiring knowledge . I was talking to Sean on the phone recently in regards to developing my business as a fitness professional. The advice he gave me in the half hour free phone call was mind blowing!I would advise anyone who is looking to get into the fitness industry or just further their learning to get into Elite. Sean and his team have the future of fitness education in their hands so you better grab it ! ‘’
Tommy Delaney
‘’Fantastic place to start my journey in the Fitness Industry, Highly commended! A great platform for real professionals and those who love this industry.’’ 
Sophie Kavanagh
‘’What these lads did for me can’t be put down on paper. Took me through a superb gym instructors and PT course resulting me in opening a very profitable and busy small business.I went on to do a kettlebell instructors//suspension trainer instructors and advanced nutrition course. Anyone looking to get into the fitness industry don’t bother wasting your time going anywhere else. Top notch lads! ‘’
Neal Dempsey
’Fantastic trainers who in turn, train the best in the business. I have completed many courses with Sean and the boys at Elite and it’s safe to say, it’s changed my life completely! I’m now running my own business which before would only have been a dream. I cannot recommend the guys enough for all they have done for me in achieving my dream !’’
Stephen McDonald
“I went to Elite not really knowing what to expect. I had 1 year of college completed and the course was so generic and irrelevant, I learned next to nothing. I heard great things about Elite but was skeptical about a 6 weeks course. I THOUGHT you needed years in college and a degree but they 100% deliver what they preach. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY!  I genuinely learned 10 times more in 1 week with the guys at Elite than I did in an entire year messing about in college wasting time. I could write a book about my experience BUT go through the EXPERIENCE for yourself, you’ll be glad YOU DID!  


Jack O’Grady
‘‘I studied at Elite Fitness and Performance Academy and successfully completed their fast track PT course . In my eyes, Elite are the best in the business for delivering an A1 course . They changed the whole way I look at fitness. They are 15 years ahead of other in the irish fitness industry, with information that cannot be matched. Everything I learnt from elite I put it into practice immediately after leaving and to say it worked is an understatement . Plenty of interest from many different gyms and a job straight after leaving! I couldn’t possibly recommend a better place to study! If you love fitness and want to learn from the best you find it at Elite, thanks to all the staff to all at Elite for everything they have taught me! ’’ 
Sean Wootton
Elite FPA changed my life got me out of the job I hated for 7 years. I am now running my own gym with over 60 clients all because of the training and knowledge I have gained at Elite. Not only have I done my gym instructor and personal training with them, I loved it so much there I have also completed their kettlebell instructor, advanced nutrition, and circuit conditioning courses!’’
Mick Byrne

Our Expectations Of You...

We have invested many years developing the most advanced courses that incorporates the skills necessary to achieve success in the contemporary fitness industry. We deliver our courses with passion and enthusiasm and require a commitment from our students to learn and aspire to challenge their limits and existing knowledge..
You Could Literally Be Just A Few Steps Away From Starting Your Dream Career in the Fitness Industry…
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