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Podcast Episode #1: Kieran Hegarty (Strength Training Coach)

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Today’s episode is with Kieran Hegarty, a strength training coach for EverStrength Training, which you can find out more about him on social media, as well as in the links found below.

Kieran Hegarty’s Back Story

So what’s his story? How did he get into strength Training?

As a teen, he had a huge interest in mixed martial arts but a back injury forced him to take a back seat from that and toward lifting weights to help him take control of the pain instead of letting it control him.

And yes, it was so he could look better for the ladies.

But in reality, it led him by accident towards the fitness industry while pursuing a degree in foreign affairs.

That’s right! Kieran has a fucking Master’s in History, but he realized that his degree was more of a baptism into the fitness world after getting a job in a new gym after his old gym closed down while pursuing his PhD.

You never know what might occur when lifting weights!

“I trained people because of the habit of training myself.”

And people were coming from all over Dublin to go there.

While the PhD was wrapping up, Kieran was looking into get his foot in the door (about 5 or 6 years ago), and like anyone else, he wants to work with the best.

Transitions from 15 Years

There was nowhere that resembled circuit training, and that women didn’t lift barbells 15 years ago, but Kieran shifted from that mold of anything exercise will do to specific services.

The hardest part?

Convincing women that it was OK to pick up weights.

The trends are all positive now and the industry is getting more intelligent. There’s a huge amount available in which people now ask better questions on what KIND of exercises will work best for them.

This individualized training brings with it a bit of fear for those that don’t know what will work for them, which is what Kieran specializes in as he helps his clients find a workout routine that works best for him or her.

It all comes down to not really making things as complicated as we think we need to.

Shift Moves In Career: Compound and Sweat

Some of the most defining moments in Kieran’s career involved shifts towards the direction that EverStrength is now in, but it was always compound and sweat.

Everything that is trained can apply to everyone, but the approach is customized.

Broken down, Kieran’s EverStrength Philosophy is:

  1. Compounds First
  2. Accessories
  3. Sweat as Much as You Need To

It really doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that.

The mistake that many people make is that they don’t understand that if you’re not getting stronger to some level, you’re not really going to reap any benefits from the training.

The worst thing that you can do is to waste your own time by not making changes to the workout and adapt the process.

That’s what makes Kieran’s training different: everyone makes mistakes and have imperfect lives, so it’s about simplifying the process and discovering how it works best for them.


We don’t have to be the strongest around, but stronger than where we were at yesterday.

It’s very hard to sell the reality that it’s not an overnight success to when the process is this simple, even though slow and steady over time is the key to permanent success over time.


Balance the Passion of Being Different

Go work with people you aspire to be, not fixated on a poster of who you want to look like. People that make careers out of training have invaluable tools through conversations and interaction. Surround yourself with people who help you put value on your own time. Integrity is never outdated.

You will never know what you are capable of doing until you get started, and the only way you can do that is from the bottom. If you worry about yourself long enough, eventually you’ll be the person that everyone else is worried about when you enter the room.

We don’t see the 15 year process that it takes to be the power lifter that we see in competitions.

You’ve got to be prepared to suck. 

CrossFit has really made power lifting EXPLODE over the past few years, opening the field towards females as well.

As a Trainer with an academic background, Kieran is seeing connections with what the best people do and has discovered that things change according to patterns that we see. Blessed to be with good coaches that he wants to exemplify and bad coaches that have taught him what NOT to do, the difference between “good” and “bad” is the end product. A bad trainer doesn’t see what the end product is to be; they only know how to train one type of person, one way, and very few will fit that mold.


Our Slightly Sadistic Streaks

There’s a lot of people that don’t know they’re in a hole to receive the help that they need for fitness and health, so we have to recognize the triggers that occur in order to help the client develop the result that they need.

In terms of the future of the fitness world, a trend that Kieran is seeing for the future comes down to transitioning back to the basics instead of overcomplicating the process of fitness. Somewhere along the way, people have become apologetic for not looking like a machine, when what we ultimately want is to look good (NOT perfect) naked.

For everyone’s sake…


Final Takeaway: Release the Rage 

Ultimately, someone is going to get so fixated on looking shredded, that too many young people are turning towards quick fixes like taking steroids and pills that will effect their health in the long run. Some places sale memberships and others sale results.

Sponsored athletes are a personal pet peeve of Kieran’s because it’s ultimately not doing anyone any favors by giving them a “title” that they haven’t trained and earned. Education is always the foundation to help coaches evolve, and the coaches that will remain are the ones that focus on consistent results with their clients.


Episode Highlights:

–Simplify the Process:

Kieran Hegarty’s EverStrength Training Philosophy:

  1. Compounds First
  2. Accessories
  3. Sweat as Much as You Need To


–Have people in your life that you aspire to be, rather than want to look like.

–At the end of the day, integrity will help you look yourself in the eye when viewing the mirror instead of seeking quick fix pills and extreme training.

–If you worry about yourself long enough, eventually you’ll be the person that everyone else is worried about when you enter the room.

–You’ve got to be prepared to suck when you start anything

–A “bad” trainer doesn’t see what the end product is to be; they only know how to train one type of person, one way, and very few will fit that mold.

–What we ultimately want in fitness is to look good naked.

–Some places sale memberships and others sale results.


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