Belfast PT tells you Why “Instafamous” Trainers/mentors are Full of BS 

Here is Pol Murray owner for the past 3 years of Primal Strength and Movement in Lisburn,

Pol likes to rant as a past time……

but seriously he honestly just says it as it is, you mightn’t like it and it hits a nerve with a lot of Trainers

so WARNING here he is calling out all those instafamous trainers/mentors out there

and telling you what 3 things you need to do become a success as a Personal Trainer 

“I have been in the industry for over 12 years now, started off in MMA before it became cool

Before I decided to go out on my own.

So, Paul as the title goes Pissed off Belfast PT tells you why instafamous Trainers/mentors are full of shit…

Look, it is not young PT’s fault, they see someone with a six pack and

automatically think they must know what they are talking about so they watch them copy what they are doing

But they end up spending more time on their phone watching how their posts are doing that they take their eye off the ball

which is to get more clients in the door,

Likes and shares don’t pay the bills

Be true to yourself

Speak to your Avatar, ye know, who do you want to train

Whats your mission in Primal Strength and Movement?

I work with 40 yr old guys

who want to lose a bit, build a bit and get a bit, they wanna  become superheroes to their kids who already believe they are.

I only speak to them, by doing this I offend women, younger men but I don’t care because I am not aiming at them

If you don’t like what I have to say then you are not going to like my gym,

so you have to start backwards,

who do you want in your gym? Once you have decided, aim your message at them so

i.e you want 40 year old overweight women in your gym, STOP putting posts of yourself doing 200kg deadlifts they don’t CARE!!!!

I am a 40 yr old dude so I know the issues other 40 year old dudes have so I just talk to them.

Do not try and please everyone as it is impossible to do and you will end up pleasing no one

You can have all the “likes” but likes won’t feed your kids or pay the bills!!!

You need to be consistent

I haven’t missed one daily video in a year, nearly 365 videos I’ve done every single day

that’s consistently getting the message out there and targeting the right people

which is helping me nearly double the numbers in the gym

Have the balls to be yourself as a Personal Trainer

A lot of young guys and girls are scared to actually speak their own mind and talk about their own

experiences in life for fear of being judged.

They need to

accept the fact that there’s going to be people who will laugh at ya there’s going to people think you’re a dick

but……… there’s also going to be people who you will inspire

I’ve got a few people turn around come up to me and say

you’ve saved my marriage

 I was gonna kill myself

 I would be in jail or I’d be dead

if it wasn’t for this gym if it wasn’t for the actions you took and that’s pretty profound for me like if I can have one

or two people tell me that that I’ve change their lives,

It’s all been worth it.

Trainers need to stop hiding behind these bullshit excuses I can’t afford it

 you’re gonna pay in either time or money

You need to do these 2 things to be a successful Personal Trainer


  1. do a mentorship for free, give up your time to learn from someone who has been there done that.
  2. educate yourself with the right courses 

find courses that are going to bring a benefit to your clients not just to boost your EGO.

What advice would you tell your 20 yr old self?

  1.  Stop Fearing Other People’s Opinions

do what makes you happy because there’s too many of us 

wasting so many years trying to impress and try to please other people.

2. Stop Trying to Impress Other Trainers,

they don’t care you can lift 180kg squat. Do whats right for you, know your value,

I am now at a certain level where,you want an hour of my time it will cost 80 quid

I value my time, this is time I could be with my kids so its precious

3. Know your “Avatar”- who do you want to train

You’ve got to stop focusing on impressing other trainers, or worrying about what they will think if you speak your mind or try to own your message 

those guys who you think are going to look at your shit aren’t in the slightest bit interested.

They’re more worried about their businesses and while you’re there spending time thinking about their business and what they think, and they themselves are there thinking about and running their business meanwhile no one is thinking about you and your business. 

So you see you have to shift your focus away from what these other trainers *might* think about your content (and who don’t matter anyway) and towards the people you have the potential to help because when you focus on them and helping them you’re going to see a massive difference in your business 

You’re going to get people to respond to your material who are interested in not liking and sharing your content but who want to i’ve you money to become your clients 

so go after it everyday spread your message, apologise to nobody for it, concentrate on the people you have the potential to help Get top of mind awareness

If you do these 3 things you’ll be successful,

yes you will have downfalls and failures along the way but see it as experience and learn from it.

I firmly believe that I could have saved myself a lotta heartache and pain in the early years by reaching out and asking for help faster cause i learned through failing and failing over and over until I was forced to ask for help 

I think guys today have a massive advantage because they have guys like yourselves Sean and Jason running places like Elite and your gym Impact, I only wish I had that back in the day cause it would’ve saved me all those years take my advice contact these guys today you can come back and thank me later 

Do you want to start your fitness journey, click here to find out more


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