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Personal Training Is NOT a REAL Job

Personal Training Course Dublin

Personal training Is NOT a REAL Job

It’s over saturated, underpaid and over 80% will quit in their first year and make less than 10K. 

Is exaclty what Sandra keeps being told

She replied to one of my emails saying, She keeps hearing stuff like:

“That course costs a fortune!

You will never make a living out of that …..you need to get a proper job!!”

Hold on a second now…..

A “proper” Job? I would agree IF, I didn’t continually speak to people on a daily basis who say that they simply cannot stick one more day at their “proper” job.

I’ve witnessed students literally crying, pouring their hearts out about how they are willing to walk away from 90k+ salaries

best PT course dublin

Because their lives are miserable because of that “proper” job. And these same people are willing to drop what they make to less than HALF in search of some really simple stuff:

Happiness….. Fulfilment….. Self worth

To Feel like they’re make a difference.

What they tell me is 

They got fed up with being lost down the back of a huge office in a meaningless position furthering someone else’s dream. They watch the clock all day waiting until it’s time to go to the gym because that’s where they actually feel ALIVE, like they can be themselves, with likeminded people

Moving around, DOING stuff  

All the time, hoping a meeting wouldn’t be scheduled at the end of the day that would mean they miss the gym.

Sound “proper”?

The term “golden handcuffs” comes to mind.

basically money your employer gives you that stops you going anywhere anytime soon. You get stuck, chasing money. While life goes on all around you

personal training Courses Dublin

Because personal training DOES represent a real opportunity

At its best it can feel like you never work a day in your life

And done correctly there’s HUGE opportunities here

“I truly believe that anyone with a real Passion for Fitness can turn it into a real career and never have to worry about money again”

it really is up to you how far YOU go with this thing

For the RIGHT people

And part of my daily routine is to talk and guide them to their idea of success in this game

But here’s the thing: TONS of people want to become trainers. Some of them for all the WRONG reasons too.

pt on the phone 

We can’t let that type of person do our course

It’s damaging to the our brand and the good name and reputation we’ve built up since 2011 making the best trainers in Ireland. I may as well say it the way I want to say it:

Look if you’re a lazy shit expecting that this will be a doddle you’re wrong!

The course is NOT easy.

If you want an easy cert to pass? Go to one of my competitors. They’re super happy to have upwards of 40 even 50 people in a course, dance around steps in low fat illuminous lycra and lift wee foam bars and call it strength and conditioning 

You’re guaranteed to pass. too. So if its a piece of paper with your name on?? 

Off ye go. You can even buy a cert online for about a grand without ever seeing a real homegrown human or even training one.  


Here’s the thing; 

If you buy a cheap version of something? 

You can’t expect it to do what the real thing does. 

That “wankee” Huawei is not gonna perform like an I-phone

That cheap “free-way cola” 

Does not taste like the real thing.  

That €50 “Smolex” you bought off the “lookie-lookie man” in Spain is not gonna perform like the Genuine Swiss version 

And it’s exactly the same 

When it comes to education in the fitness industry 

See, when it comes to education

If you buy cheap you’re going to end up buying twice. 

Which is exactly what these guys learned the hard way. 

It was only afterwards they realised this; 

They were wrong in thinking we’re all the same and the cheapest one will do. It won’t. Especially if what your planning is a future career in fitness. 

Cause I’d have you consider this; 

The only thing that people are gonna pay you for? Is your ability to get them results. 

And results don’t come from having wee bits of paper. 

They come from having a rock phucking solid ability

And guess where that comes from?

Investing in an incredible learning journey and experience 

That puts you on the path of mastering the art and science of coaching. 

One which incorporates hours upon hours of coaching on the gym floor with real people actually training under the watchful eyes of a master coach who can guide you to becoming absolutely certain in your ability to coach anyone

That’s the only thing 

That’ll give you the certainty you need to be a confident coach in future

So you see it’s all about; Certainty. NOT “certs”

Now, if that’s something you’re interested in learning more about? Click the image below to get details straight to your device….

PT course dublin


Speak soon.


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