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Are Personal Training Courses Useless? (Here’s the TRUTH)

personal training courses are useless

With every second person you know

doing personal training courses these days

And with more and more personal training

courses being offered….

It’s getting even harder to tell the good

from the bad, to the downright UGLY.

Because here’s the absolute TRUTH

(I could get in HUGE trouble for saying this

But it HAS to be said)

It’s so easy for companies to tell you

What you WANT to hear.

Or even worse, blind you with bullsh*t

Which sounds so convincing…..

personal trainer course

…We want to believe it.

And we THINK we’ve made the right choice.

It’s not until afterwards, when we come

out the other end, that we realise

we didn’t get what we were supposed to.

It’s kinda like getting caught with your

Pants down.

There’s no hiding the fact when it’s

all hanging out (Or lack there of )

What am I talking about?

It’s when people go on personal training


…And while they have a great experience

on Course.

(its been fun and enjoyable

and they “learnt loads”)

It’s when they start working and

see other trainers with clients,

doing stuff and, talking about skills

they have no idea about, that gets

them thinking….


where the hell did you learn that?

WTF even is that you’re doing?”

They ask.

I learnt it on my PT course…hold

on wait a minute… you mean you

DIDN’T get that on YOUR PT Course?”


Come’s the answer

And there you have it, your pants have

Just Been pulled well down, for everyone

to see exactly what you got.

And by the sounds of it

It’s not pretty.

personal training courses

(Get educated if you don’t want to look like you learnt at “globogym”)

I’m not about to talk anyone down

here though, if that’s what think is coming.

I just want to throw my thoughts on this

whole thing into the mix

Because if your anything like me

You hate the smell of BS.

I get crazy mad when I see people being


Especially where their money, future,

or career, is put at risk.

So I’m going to tell you right nowBest personal trainer course dublin

(without all the BS)

Exactly what drives me crazy about all this.

When thinking about personal training courses

Here’s the first bullshit detector you need, 

For me it’s this question….

(Click image to download prospectus)

Are your certificates recognized internationally.”

This one question makes me want to

blow my brains out, seriously.

Not because the people who ask it annoy me,

It’s not that at all.

(I will get to that why it annoys me in a minute)

But first let me explain this

It’s not their fault.

I mean who the hell wants to invest in an education

if it’s not actually recognized.

I would guess nobody would.

Not intentionally anyway.

I want to make this point very clear.

Elite Fitness And Performance Academy are a

REPS Ireland approved course provider.

Just like all the big hitters in this business

we have been put through the same rigorous

testing and quality assurance procedures as the

others who offer the same Fitness qualifications

that we do.

SO, if you’re in any doubt just read this line below:

The certificates & qualification standard are the SAME

AND they are recognized in the same countries.

Actually here’s a better one.

Read it on the REPS Ireland website  ==> HERE

You will see that our personal training courses

have the same certification and, therefore are

Recognised in, the same countries as

everyone else’s certificates.

SO why do I hate this question?

Because somewhere, some “jobsworth” is

creating the confusion by trying to pull

the wool over peoples eyes.

They try to argue that their certificate is

recognized in more countries than mine.

personal training courses are useless

When it’s all there in black and white on

the REPS Ireland website.

My thoughts are this.

When you now know the truth.

That the certificates are the same.

You are left with the only question

that matters.

Am I going to learn what I want to

learn on this course?”

Or put another way:

Does the course syllabus cover the

stuff I need to know that will make me

A stand out personal trainer in the industry.”

DO you hear what I’m saying there because theres a HUGE lesson:

Certifications do NOT qualify you to train someone to get RESULTS  they will pay for. 

And listen up….

….As trainers we are in the RESULTS business. 

You need to get results and BE A LEADER. 

It’s EDUCATION that will provide the difference

in a hugely competitive TOTALLY Saturated market

place with samey samey YELLOW pack, “tesco’s own brand”

guys who dont get taught how to survive in this market place

Because their Provider doesn’t care enough to do so.


They don’t even have the mission or vision

to show them the way in the first place.

They just get bums on seats and work on

numbers and profits.personal trainer education

That’s Not what we are about here at Elite FPA

Here’s what I know:

(Ask your course tutor “What the last book read on fitness?)

When I was qualifying as a trainer I was horrified

at what kind of education was out there.

I just wanted to help people get their

Goals: be healthier fitter leaner… (you get the idea)

….if you want to see what’s on our syllabus you

can download the full prospectus here….. 

Schedule a call – Step 1

But the course I studied was average at best.

I danced around steps and learned the grapevine.

personal training courses dublin

It was not what I was expecting.

(to say the least)

I was never going to use it.

Not with the clients I wanted to train.

Fast forward a few years of learning and

development and I knew I had to do

something about it

That’s when we assembled the

team that became ELITEFPA,

We re-wrote the “rule-book” we threw

out what wasn’t necessary, and added

in what we knew would be the best

education in the business.

We worked hard with the governing

bodies to get it accepted.

People told us we couldn’t

(and shouldn’t do it)

But we stuck to our core values

and delivered it anyway.

Because we knew it would make a difference

And in doing so we created a new

breed of trainer.


And a new breed of education.


That’s why we got copied by the other guys.

They started to try to add in the same stuff

we teach to their courses.

PT Courses

(You can’t Polish a turd, they say, but you can roll it in glitter and, stick it in a nice box)

“Imitation is the best form of flattery” (they say)

So we succeeded.

Because we changed the way courses were taught,

we made the big guys sit up and take notice.

That’s what we wanted to do:

We want to change the way fitness is done.

We always wanted to change the standard of

education from within the industry.

(Its easy to say but hard to do)

We are still the innovators the rest are

watching to see what we come out with next. 

We are still the guys that gym owners

look to for new staff first.

We are still here


we are still leading the way.

If you want to join the leaders of this

industry so you can become a leader yourself

and be THAT trainer who makes a real difference…

Then you want to ask yourself those questions

Again and make the right choice for you.

If you have read this far then

you will already know what to do.

Use this ===> link <==== to download our

course prospectus and see what makes us different

fitness course dublin


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