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Episode #3: James Breese

Strength Matters

What do you get when you have two Irishmen and a Welshman walk into a podcast? We get a conversation with James Breese on today’s episode, who is the owner of Strength Matters. While in the police, James trained often and got injured just as much, so he was able to convince those in charge to help those in his unit to train in such a way that they no longer got injured and changed their mentality in how they approached police work.

Once he shifted from the world of police work to kettlebells, he discovered that marketing is a lot like police work, respecting their time and setting the tone of establishing trust targeting a high-paying clientele from the start. This occurs by providing them with an EXPERIENCE, which goes much further than any fancy and expensive equipment could do. James is willing to invest in his clients in order to do that with the philosophy that you can’t fast track great results.

Episode Highlights:

–Police work shifted the easy way out that James Breeze had with computer science in University

–Began training exercises with police unit until the dangerous environment of getting shot at turned him towards fitness training with kettlebells.

–Happy customers are the ones that are getting paid and getting laid, therefore it’s a standard to have great customer service.

–People who invest in high quality training expect high quality service.

–The middle ground is the most dangerous place to be; if you want to give results, they EXPECT an experience to go along with it.

–In today’s society, quality time and hand-written notes go much further inside of Strength Matters builds a significant relationship with clients.

–Shift from purchasing expensive machinery when investing in the person as a quality trainer will make you stand out significantly more.

–Fitness Professionals are becoming more as making a difference in educating and invest in themselves based off of how we conduct ourselves on a day to day basis.

–The Invisible Man is the most powerful one, doing the not so sexy stuff that gets shit done.

–Changing name to Strength Matters changed the whole game for the approach that James takes inside of the fitness industry.

–Discover a niche to your story that defines you.

There are 3 Elements to Business:

  1. Look at moving trends
  2. Be willing to consistently do the unsexy things

–You can’t fastback great results.

–The difference between James’ facilities and others is that it’s way more than a workout that they get with him.

–Start your business education at the same time you’re working on your fitness education.

“You can be known for something, but make it your story. Find the niche to your story. You can’t fastback great results.” –James Breese

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–Save all of the documents and work there


–OneFitStop: Time Management Software


–App for James’ website available in Amazon store, Android and iPhone


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