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I’ve Put My Job on Hold to Prioritise Something I should’ve done years ago….”

Roz Purcell- Personal Trainer

I’ve Put My Job on Hold to Prioritise Something I should’ve done years ago….”

“And It’s Been the best decision i’ve ever made….”

The thing with My job is…. I could be working 2 or 3 weeks non stop and then have a week off…

So I never really knew. It’s not consistent. 

So I made the conscious decision to actually prioritise this. 

Just stopped working and do the PT course with Elite………. and it’s been the best decision i’ve made 100%

roz purcell elite Pt course

         Roz with her group at graduation

well why wouldn’t I become a personal trainer?

I think a lot of people know I’m

really into fitness it’s one of my biggest

passions and I think when you love

something you should learn as much as

you can about it so I came here well

I’ve always wanted to do a personal

training Course

Roz Purcell elite personal trainer course

I don’t think I made it a

priority as much as I should’ve 

I think in my job I could be working like non-stop for like two or three weeks and then have a week off so I never knew it’s not consistent. 

So I made the decision to just actually prioritize it. Stop working for six weeks and do the course 

…………and its been the best decision I made 

I guess I share a lot of workouts so I think a lot of people associate with me training and being in the gym

I’m one of those annoying people if you’re

hungover and you look at my instastory

I’m already in the gym… stuff like that so I guess I felt a bit of responsibility to educate myself on the subject 

because a lot of people look to me for advice on training 

so yeah like for me it was one of the things that I want to be able to give that advice and give the best advice

What do I think now i’ve done it?

Well….it’s changed the way I train for 1. it’s definitely opened my eyes to how I think other people should be training 

and yeah I guess like for me and obviously in my job in social media it definitely gives me that extra platform to speak about something, 

…..and know everything I can about it.

AND 100% its been the best money I’ve ever spent 

investing in myself but also investing in my passion.

But, the difference with this course learning with Elite it’s like it’s a bit of craic as well, Ye know 

like it’s also been a very intense six weeks like I’ve learned a LOT in 6 weeks 

BUT, i’ve probably had the most fun I’ve ever had in six weeks and if you’re into the Gym & you love training you’re doing it all day it’s the best thing ever so 

I’m gonna be really sad when I leave …..

anyone who’s thinking about doing it and hasn’t done it yet….

you’re only getting older ….

….why’re you waiting…

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