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2 more books to get your teeth into, for those of you who have or are going to do our personal trainer course,Dublin.

We have one from Shannon Pollock who is our Gym Instructor tutor and currently training for the World Championships in Texas and another from Robbie Bourke who is the Personal Trainer Tutor. They both tutor our Full Time Personal Trainer Course in Dublin.

“Why Zebras don’t get ulcers” by Robert Sapolsky, Ph.D

Sapolsky, a leading neuroendocrinologist, explains it all in this lively and entertaining, yet highly informative book. The book is written with ironic, dry and infectious wit. He details how chronic stress can undermine your health, and explains different coping mechanisms to deal with it, even in the urban jungle.


Shannon – “I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it to many of our personal Trainer students doing our personal trainer course, Dublin. I believe we all deal with stress on a daily basis, the stress we feel is relative. It is a common denominator amongst people. This book helps to relate stress with disease and explains coping mechanisms throughout. The book is not a self-help book, it is an educational, informative read”.

Nutrition and physical degeneration- by Weston Price

This seminal book startled the worlds of science and nutrition with its documented evidence of primitive populations encountering civilization, adopting modern diets, and finding that their health worsened. It remains the basic book in this area and is essential reading for those concerned with food and health.


Robbie ” Incredible book showing how everyone human being is biochemically unique with regards to our nutritional needs.

It also highlights the destruction of traditional cultures health and wellness with the introduction of modern process foods in their tradition dietary lifestyles.It also highlights nutrition’s extremely important role in an organisms gene expression – another piece of evidence in which a huge environmental factor (nutrition) has a profound impact on an organisms gene expression, which is a huge area of research in the field of epigenetics.

While this is an incredible book it is a dense read so I would not recommend this book to a beginner who has just started our personal trainer course, Dublin but to someone who wants to advance their interest in nutrition.”

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