I Went From Zero to Opening a Gym With 250 Clients and am Now in my Second Location in 5 Years!

So I finished 4 years of college, got a degree, but there weren't ANY jobs to get with it.........

I did a broad business course ’cause I wanted to do marketing when I left college. 

But, there just weren’t any jobs back then

The only thing available were marketing internships. 

I didn’t want to do that. 


that left only one jobs available. Sales. 

In lots of different industries, banking, 

things I didn’t really want to get involved in except for one role 

which was in a gym in town 

so I started working there doing sales in a gym 

and that was me getting into the industry and I loved it. 

The reason I loved it was I liked sales, 

I was good at that but, as well as that, 

I liked the industry. 

I liked being part of something that has a deeper meaning behind it 

helping people and seeing people develop and achieve their goals

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So when it came to the time when I left Energie I kind of had a decision to make…….

whether I wanted to be a personal trainer 


continue in a similar role in like a sales or a management based role within the industry 

But, I knew I wanted to own my own business. 

and so rather than just going straight into sales 

I decided to learn from the best and become a personal trainer first. 

so I had a really deep understanding of what it is I’m selling 

and what it is I’m going to do to help people in the business. 

So that’s why I contacted you. 

You see I knew a lot of personal trainers. 

Like loads of people are personal trainers these days 

but they’re doing bugger all with the qualification 

I DIDN’T want to another one of those statistics

But, 2 guys that I knew had been through your course and uniquely they were doing really well. 

They were employed 

They were making money. 

And not just the odd session here and there.  

They were getting regular work which was rare 

so I asked them where they went where they qualified they said Elite 

so that was an obvious choice 

I went into a Elite and I can say sincerely 

I learned everything I needed to know about 

training, nutrition, sales and marketing 

to be able to leave there and open my own business


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Now I’ve been open five years in Blackrock

in that time…….

we’ve gone from no clients to over 250 clients. 

we’re opening up our second location in Glenageary 

huge place big 6,000 square foot place so it’s going really well with the team of 8 out here 

between coaches and our back-end staff and we’ve just employed two of our, what are now head coaches for Glenageary, our second location 

and they’re all elite graduates as well. 

“The last 4 coaches that we’ve hired are all Elite graduates.” 

SEAN: “Why?” 

…….It’s very simple, you’re looking for someone that has the necessary skills to be able to do what they need to do on the gym floor in terms of 

1. Coaching people  

2. Having the right skill set behind them from day one 

3. So that they can walk into a role and perform at a high level straightaway 

and that has been the case with every Elite graduate that we’ve taken on. 

SEAN: “That’s unreal. Okay, well why wouldn’t somebody learn this in college doing sports science?” 

Well we do practical based interviews here

part of that is it’s broken down into 5 steps 

each step within that tests critical skills that a coach will need on the gym floor to be able to perform 

so we’re testing them as part of a practical interview process 

and we’ve done this as part of groups 

generally about 8 in a group 

but we’ve done interviews with 30 in total 

and within a group of 8 in our last round 

we had 2 elite graduates and 6 others with you know degrees or from other courses

…..the two elite guys, and this isn’t just a once-off occasion 

this has happened twice in total  because we’ve hired four, 

“the two elite guys stand out head and shoulders above everyone else….” 

Because they walk in they’re able to perform in all of these 5 key areas  

they know what they’re doing  

they’re able to adapt the training to suit different levels of clients  

the type of people that we get in  

and they’re ready to start on the role straight away. 

SEAN: “And if you had to put your finger on it has anybody said or is there something that you could maybe hang it on that we do that’s different?”

Yeah I’d say so yeah,  

it’s the practical based element you have to it. 

So from talking to the guys we’ve taken on particularly talking to Craig 

who’s one of the head coaches for ParkPoint,  

You learn something in your classroom environment  

and then you immediately implement it in your practical environment on the gym floor 

“….so they’re learning and then putting it into action straight away…” 

you know yourself you learn from doing these things  

you kind of forget what you’re learning in a theoretical based environment

particularly for a personal training role which is mostly practical 

so yeah what way did Craig put it – Craig said 

“they just beat it into you until you become a personal trainer” 

I think that kind of sums it up. 

To me the “turning point” if you like

Was when I wanted the weights I was lifting to go UP

And it wasn’t about the numbers on the scale and my own physical weight anymore.

It was; “WOW I’m starting to feel stronger”

The best feeling I’ve ever felt is feeling strong and, to feel that way I don’t get it from anything else. So I started to focus more on that

And every week I could see I was getting stronger cause I was able to lift a little more weight than before, So I started to focus so much more on those numbers cause I could see those numbers increase week by week.

And the by product of that was my energy returned fully, my weight came down as well.

All while I was focusing on just getting healthy.

If you’ve read this far and if any of this is making sense to you?

Then I want to tell you the catalyst for change that inspired me so that it may help you too.

Every day is a chance to turn things around. So why not chose today to start

You know those assumptions everyone makes everyone makes when they come into a gym and believes that everyone looks a certain way and behaves a certain way? That’s not the case here.

You’ve a mix of loads of different people and abilities

We all just have a laugh

I never thought I’d say this about a gym but this place isn’t any normal gym,

I’m feeling and moving in ways I never thought possible and there’s no end in sight.

I’m improving on a weekly basis . The weight loss aside and yes I am proud of it (down 19kg / 42lbs / 3stone) I’ve found a love in lifting and feeling strong.

When I started I could barely lift a 7kg dumbbell. I’m now deadlifting 95kg, will see the 100s club this week, squatting 35kg

I wouldn’t have achieved what I’ve achieved without the support of the wonderful coaches at Elite, the gym buddies that make the sessions fun and full of laughs and also my hubby for joining me on the journey.

I really hope my story can inspire someone to take control the same way. Give it the 28 days, i’m pretty certain your only regret will be you didn’t do it sooner.

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