” I went from working in a commercial gym on basic pay,to opening my own facility and playing by my own rules…”

I Will Never Forget the look on my Dad’ Face

….He saw me Mopping the floor & Thought I Was a Cleaner


I’m Scott furlong owner fitness health and 

performance here in Churchtown….

But listen it wasn’t always like this for me 

like both my parents are hard-working people my

dad very much wanted me to go to school, get a good education 

go to college take a degree and then get a good job 

and, I probably saw myself going that way for a long time

until I realised that it wouldn’t make me happy


so I decided to take a chance on the whole fitness thing

and at the very start I was right at the bottom

working in a commercial gym as a gym instructor 

which we’ve all got to do it at some point 


well I remember when my Dad came to visit me, he was just passing by, 

and eh…….. 

“I was just cleaning water off the floor”


and that look of like disgust, i’ll never forget it……..

he just thought of me as a cleaner in a gym 

where I was more obviously; you’re helping people you’re

training people making a difference 

but, at that point in time he just couldnt see past that experience


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until I opened my own facility he just saw me as kind of a cleaner.  

yeah even when I was working for myself and doing quite well 

I still think my dad thought “he’s just a personal trainer” 


but now I have my own facility he’s like so proud to say

“my son has his own facility” 


I’m not a trainer anymore I’m an owner of my own place

he’s always been happy for me but, now he’s proud of me 


I think my dad is probably old school 

and after the open day we had when everything had finished he just shook my hand 


and he said “all the best” …….it was from the bottom of his heart 

and you can see he was proud he can see he’s happy for me

he got a big kick outta watching clients coming and seeing their reactions 

like watching people go “WOW” as they were walking in 


obviously I was happy showing people around 

But for him that was, that made his day, yeah. 

Now that I was a business owner

so before I did the personal trainer course with Elite  

I did my gym instructor somewhere else

and that was six or seven months of bloody step aerobics and stuff that you just don’t use day today

with Elite it was like so hands-on,

it was training EVERYDAY 

along with all the theory you need to learn 

but, then you went out onto the gym floor and implemented it

with the people in the class 

so after that  six-week course like I never imagined it could go this far 

some part of me thought I’d just be back to doing my thing sitting at a desk and just looking forward to getting to the gym

and here we are at like 7 years later 

I’ve gone through different

paths but now I have my own facility and it’s unbelievable to be honest, what a journey

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