I Quit a Managers Position & 27K to Become a PT

Have you ever thought about getting into fitness

but were afraid to leave your job,

or thought you maybe wouldn’t be good enough

to make a real career from it

so you just kept on working at something you didn’t really wanna do forever

cause you didn’t have any other ideas?

If you answered YES

to any of the above

then I want to introduce you to Peter

at 21 had a secure, 27k a year job but knew he’d more to give

the cold harsh reality

of the day to day grind

clocking in

clocking out

wasn’t for him, 

So, Peter , what was the turning pointing to quit your 27k a year secure job?

Yes lads, I knew very quickly that the nice suit and tie wasn’t for me,

the daily grind of clocking in and clocking out.

thinking was this it????

but it all came to ahead when I called head office

thinking I was this BIG man with an issue to be quickly brought back to earth

when I told the woman on the phone my name and shop location and she cut me off by asking me my payroll number.

I knew then, that that, was all I was to this company

a number……..


…………. 2 5 1 5 4 5 8 3


I didn’t wanna spend the rest of my life like this


so, I made the decision to leave,


EVERYONE thought I was mad



I had nothing to lose

well I had a lot actually to lose

the nice secure job

Salary, Paid holidays security…..

was I afraid?

of course

did I think I could Fuck it all up,

YES…… but,

I knew I wanted more, I had to get out of my comfort zone

which is always going to be scary

I didn’t know exactly what I wanted but I always loved fitness and training so

off I went to Dublin and did the 6 week course with Elite

So, What happened then, did you get those 43 clients straight away?

Did I heck…..

no things weren’t always rosy, i worked for a company down here in Tralee for about 2 years

long hours, I guess you could call it I did my time,

learnt my trade,

the hours were long

and the pay was shite

but I knew it was what I needed to do to gain some experience

till it was the right time to open my own business

So, I opened my own business and after a year I knew I needed help

you see from the outside in I had  a great business, I was full to capacity

who wouldn’t be happy with that?

well, I had no systems, so every day I was adding up the hours and seeing what I was going to make

150 today, 300 today, 250 today

oh shit Susan is leaving today, need to contact everyone and see when they are booking in for next week.

It was like a rollercoaster of emotions

sleepless nights.

working 80-90 hour weeks

You were basically viewing everyone like a number, just like your last company did to you?

yeah exactly I felt

I was basically running a hooker business!!!!!

I was living week to week, living in constant fear someone was going to leave

I had no systems, no one to answer to, no accountability,

So, I knew something had got to change

I was 27 getting on, had just got engaged, just had a baby.

I couldn’t go on like this.,

So, I contacted Jay and Sean who I trusted to get my cert from so knew these were the right people to help me.

They quickly told me I didn’t have a business,

I was like O-K,

here I was fully booked but I knew something had to change,

I was a bit reluctant at first,

This semi-private model wouldn’t work here, Tralee is different, people in Kerry wouldn’t go for this.

But how I was wrong…..

I have doubled my income in the 5 months I have joined ascension

I have systems in place.

so, you have doubled your turnover?

yes I have doubled turnover,

doubled clients

doubled everything, I have done a complete 360.

What a story Peter, I think for people out there the

3 take away points from your story

  1. get out of your comfort zone., stop listening to your bullshit stories
  2. act fast, you acted at 21, you could have waited till 31 but you didn’t, you want it to change now.
  3. you put in the hard graft as just because you get a cert doesn’t mean success will happen over night.

what advice would you give, Peter to anyone who is starting out or who is a PT now

  1. Ask for help, but ask from the right people, you need that accountability to give you that kick when you need it. – even when things are going well
  2. Have systems, I was able to go away this weekend and turn my phone off on a Friday afternoon and not put it back on till Sunday evening and came in on Monday morning to my business still being there, I never thought that would happen. Members now book in, pay direct debit or upfront

The lads have changed my life,

I now feel like a dad not just a father who pays the bills, I can actually spend time with my family because thats what its all about it,

isn’t it?


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