How young mum of one went from renting space (and costing herself money) to opening her own Gym


How I went from renting a space to now owning my own gym in less than 2 yrs

I came to you back in 2016,

Max at this stage was 10 months

Like many women I had an emergencey c-section
and with that comes hormones

and feeling a bit all over the place

that is where my love for strength and conditioning came in

I watched my body compostion change in a way I had never seen before

you see I was the ultimate cardio bunny

I had tried it all

all the quick fixes and never thought

weights would be my thing, but the heavier I lifted the better I felt

and I wanted to give other women that same feeling.

I did the course and every other course that I could do with Elite

kettlebell, suspension, movement and mobility

I was then like WHAT now?

so, I decided to just go for it.

I hired a room

was it tough at the start?, hell yeah

some days after hauling all the equipment up into a lift I wouldn’t even have anyone show up!!!

Still had to pay the rent….

It was tough, and doubts do set in but I loved it

so kept it going,

went to work in another gym for a year or so where I built up my client base,

I had belief in not only myself but I had a vision in what I wanted.

Didn’t think it would happen so quickly but here I am

I opened Cifit 4 months ago

So, it was tough, as I see it all the time , people just see the end result and think its alright for you, that wouldn’t happen for me but they don’t see the struggles you had,

Did you have doubts?

yeah of course but I love what I do and I think if you have the passion and drive, it will come eventually

Why women only?

I went by my own experiences

I just feel like
that women feel intimidated a lot

when they go into gyms, I think it’s hard to train in a mixed

gym when people are looking at you and you don’t know what to do

I just felt that I just gel better with


I wanted to kind of pass that feeling that I had after pregnancy and pass it on to more
women make them feel as good as I did really

If you could give your younger self 3 pieces of advice what would they be?

1. Have a vision

Just keep going, get your vision and persevere

Have confidence in yourself and know your self worth

there is going to be

challenging times just keep going if
you have the passion and dedication,

success will come

you get that buzz, when clients start getting results

and you see you are making a difference in peoples lives

2. Putting your clients first

Remember how they feel walking into the place for the first time,not knowing anyone

everyone should be treated the same whether a beginner or advanced

3. Create a community

We are a family here, they are getting results so because of that they stay with me 

we are all like minded women who all share the same sort of journey

most of us are mothers or are females that have struggled with

weight loss in the past and want to

to be in a place where they feel like they matter in an

non intimidating environment.

personal trainer course dublin

What a great story 

Ciara after such a short time

has open CiFit which is a semi private personal training female only gym

she is killing it, she’s oversubscribed, can’t fit anyone else in the door and only qualified 2 years!!

If you have always had a dream about opening up your own facility or working as a personal trainer in a job you love

click on the link below to find out more about our courses ==>


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