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How Struggling Fitpro’s Went From 14 Hour Days and No Time Off to More Money, Time and Freedom Than They Ever Thought Possible ………..

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“Doubled My Income in 6 Months” or ” Gone From 0-250 Clients”

Everyday on social media you see the great results Trainers and Gym owners achieve

But No-one’s talking about the bad stuff, the struggles, the failings, the years of hard work The F**K ups, the tears, the closures and the absolute shit storm that you can endure when trying to open up your own facility or just crack the fitness industry 

Its like everyone is pretending its easy and all you need is abs and an instagram account and your sorted, (this doesn’t work by the way )

SO where do you get the real raw relevant information you need as someone who wants to get into fitness as a career but you don’t want to be sold? 

Well here…….

Cause we’ve interviewed some of Ireland most successful self made gym owners.

These guys all started out as personal trainers form scratch, nothing nada, no investors or rich parents, no self entitled bollix here, just some hard graft a vision and a set of “cohone’s” (thats balls for anyone who hasn’t seen scarface or doesn’t speak the spanglish) 

Inside these 4 videos you will get………

  • Top secrets to avoid failing as a PT in the 1st year (research from Deloitte show 80% fail in their first year don’t be one of the statistics) 
  • The raw truth about working 14 hour days and how to get your life back <=== this one is worth watching for alone 
  • The ONE thing each of them say you must master if you want to have a successful and profitable fitness business

Eoghan Gallagher – Elev8Fitness

A System is something that can deliver Predictable, Repeatable and Profitable Results….. you need them 

-Know your pricing structure, know what is coming in every month

-Know how many members you have.

-How many times a week they are coming in

-You need your members on a payment systems as you have no control if they are paying you cash ( they can just stop coming)

Peter Donohue – PD Fitness

Ask for help

Ask from the right people, people who have walked the walk.

Have Fitness businesses

You need that accountability to give you that kick when you need it. – even when things are going well.

Don’t be afraid to hire people to do things you cant do as this will save you so much time and heartache.



Ciara Murray -CIFIT

Create a community

We are a family here, they are getting results so because of that they stay with me 

we are all like minded women who all share the same sort of journey

most of us are mothers or are females that have struggled with weight loss in the past and want to

to be in a place where they feel like they matter in an non intimidating environment.

Tristan Hand – TH Training

Act fast

I am a bit of a perfectionist

so I would rather not put a video out than put a shit one out

that held me back instead I’ve seen the benefit of putting out a video

its content even if that’s not giving you direct sales I have my current clients coming in

going I loved what you said in that video during the week and instead of them thinking they see me

once a week now they are even getting a bit

more contact bit more value.

We’re looking for more of our ideal clientspeople who wanna turn their passion for fitnessinto a real career doing what they love

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……you wanna fitness educationso you can deliver real world results 

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