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How these students overcame their fears, ignored the naysayers and are now living their BEST life……….

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Will I be good enough?

Am I too old?

Am I too young and too inexperienced?

Will I get a job?

These are fears and concerns I hear everyday from students which is holding them back from turning their passion of fitness into a career.

Here are 4 students who had those very fears and now having completed the personal trainer course

Has not just given them the qualification but the knowledge and confidence to be able to coach in “real world settings”


I was so scared coming in the first day but just kepted thinking you are going to be qualified in something you love.

I have so much more confidence now…..

You leave feeling confident in teaching others what you know.

Its easy reading stuff from a book but its different applying it in real life



“Am I too old?, can I do this”

Absolutely NOT

You are with like minded people who are all there for the same reason.

Initially I was like if I never have a paying client will I benefit from doing this course and the answer is 100% yes

Even if it just changed my training, I know it has been a great investment

But now….

I believe I could make a career from this…..



Can I get a job?

There is always doubts, I didn’t have a lot of training experience.

But once I started seeing results in my own fitness journey

But I knew I wanted to help other people

You receive the training and education you deserve and gain real life experience from coaches who work in the industry every day.

The best thing I have every done



I thought I had an idea of training but how wrong was I……

I have learnt more in 6 weeks than I have playing football for the past 20 yrs.

I thought I would be outshone by everyone and overwhelmed by it all

But everyone is so welcoming….

That has given me the confidence to go out and coach anyone

What are you waiting for?

Stop listening to those naysayers telling you that you will never make a career from this.

If you don’t take action now you’ll always wonder……..

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