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How Struggling Fitpro’s Went From 14 Hour Days and No Time Off to More Money, Time and Freedom Than They Ever Thought Possible ………..Part 2

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Part 2…..

Just like in Part 1, we have the most honest, raw and relevent information you will ever see in the fitness industry……..

For those looking to get into the industry or maybe you are in it already and are at point where you don’t know where to go to next and are having the same problems some of these gym owners had.

As all of these trainers were YOU.

we have 5 more videos of Gym owners around the world where you will get

  • How to make more money with less clients (yup you read that right)
  • How to fix your stressful inconsistent, income issues in one dirty swoop and create predictable (and replicable) monthly profits
  • why certain “famous” gym owners are leading you astray in the fitness business


Pol Murray – Primal Strength and Movement

Know your “avator” who do you want to train

You’ve got to stop focusing on impressing other trainers, or worrying about what they will think if you speak your mind or try to own your message 

those guys who you think are going to look at your shit aren’t in the slightest bit interested.

They’re more worried about their businesses and while you’re there spending time thinking about their business and what they think, and they themselves are there thinking about and running their business meanwhile no one is thinking about you and your business. 

So you see you have to shift your focus away from what these other trainers *might* think about your content (and who don’t matter anyway) and towards the people you have the potential to help because when you focus on them and helping them you’re going to see a massive difference in your business 

You’re going to get people to respond to your material who are interested in not liking and sharing your content but who want to i’ve you money to become your clients 

so go after it everyday spread your message, apologise to nobody for it, concentrate on the people you have the potential to help Get top of mind awareness

Sarah Smith – Bosslady Club

Keep Going

Be fuckin relentless and never quit, never give up on this shit.

There will be days you will want to.

Things wouldn’t go to plan…..

But keep believing and you will get there

Catherine Shields -3B Fit

Invest in yourself

Getting better, you know reading more books, doing courses , getting coaches who can help you get to where you want to be.

Education does not stop once you have completed the Personal Trainer course

You should be looking at ways constantly to improving yourself and your business.

Tony Olin – Fitkoh

Take Risks

 Don’t be afraid to take a risk

What is the worst that can happen you go back to what you used to do.

if you don’t give it a go you will always wonder what if……….

Johnny Burton – Smart Training

Get Experience

You can’t beat experience, get yourself out there, find the right place that matches your philosophy

also if I could have backed myself earlier, Believe in yourself and what you are doing, I would be a very confident person but I wish I could have done that

earlier but look hindsight is a great thing.

SO if you want more than just a “cert” 💦

……you wanna a fitness education
so you can deliver real world results 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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