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How our students fought their fears to grab life by the balls….

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We all have those bullshit stories that we keep telling ourselves.

I am not good enough

I’ll wait till I am fitter

i’ll wait till its a better time

Friends tell me there is no work out there

There is nothing holding you back except YOU

What is the worse that could happen?

Here are 4 students who were not happy what there were doing, they wanted to be doing something they love.

Hear how they fought their those stories and took the leap to changing their lives forever and signed up for a PT course in Dublin…..

“I wish I had done it years ago”


I thought everyone will be way better than me.

“You’re never gonna be good enough if you don’t try”


Why I quit business school to chase a career in fitness?

I don’t want to be doing something I hate, whats the point in being safe if you are miserable.

I wanted to come somewhere that people walk the talk.


“3 weeks into investing in a coach, I signed up for the course”

It feels like we have done an internship, the hours of coaching has given me the confidence in my own ability.

Be confident in your own ability


The fear of the unknown was stopping me, would I be good at it”

If you work hard for something, the piece of paper is worth nothing, its so much more than that…..

You have one life just do it.

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All those fears that are holding YOU back are your bullshit stories that getting in the way of you living your best life.

Give something a go that you love and see what happens.

Everytime you invest in yourself you become worth more at the end.

Lets start Today


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