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How I Went From Maxed out Credit Cards (just to pay rent) Barely Scraping 100 Per Month to 80K a Year in MY OWN Gym AND How You Could Too….

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Most of us don’t have any idea what we want when we are a teenager


Eoghan certainly knew what he didn’t want and that was to go to college

he wanted a job that was hands-on

we are brought up to believe college is the right route but it isn’t for everyone.

Eoghan knew it wasn’t for him

but he didn’t want to let people down and go the unconventional route

“I always had a love for sport, played GAA and soccer and then rugby at school”

after an injury, playing team sports came to an end

The weight started creeping on


the fear of joining a gym set in

felt insecure

after being part of a team for so long, I didn’t feel part of anything anymore


I saw a picture of myself on holiday and knew I had to do something

so, I asked for help

I found my love and passion for fitness again

and realised I was good at it

I actually started a course somewhere else but it was just taking too long so I spoke to Sean,

he helped me realised that I could make a career for myself in fitness

I liked the set up here, I knew I was going to get a hands-on approach which is what I wanted.

Of course it was risky

some people make it some people don’t like in any industry

but after one day on a building site I knew I had to at least give it a go

fitness was something I had always loved

but “was it easy?”

hell no…….


Got some experience in a gym, did sales, cleaned toilets, taught classes doing an internship

I knew I could offer so much more….

So, decided to go out on my own, opened Elev8fitness but outdoor bootcamps are never going to last long in this country!!!

got an opportunity to rent a space things started growing and then the place got sold!

Which brought us to where we are now in Deansgrange.

Overheads were a lot higher and

as the titles says “maxed out cards” I was using credit cards to pay the rent,


I didn’t know what I was doing, I was winging it


I was relying on my girlfriend, my parents.


I didn’t want to let people down


I wanted to prove them wrong

but then one day things came to ahead, I brought my girlfriend out for her birthday and my card bounced

god I couldn’t even bring my girlfriend who was pretty much paying for everything at this stage out for her birthday dinner.

I knew I needed help, I came across an ad on facebook with Sean offering a 75k funnel for free ( had no idea what a funnel was but I needed to try something)

I have no systems in place….

no pricing structure….

didn’t know know what was coming in…

didn’t know how to keep members happy….


I had to get this sorted or I was going under

The lads showed be how to put systems in place and I now have a business that has Quadrupled in the past year.

“What advice would you give your younger self?”


  1. Know your market-

In the past I would have taken anyone who was willing to offer me any money to train with me

I guess I was scared I would lose them

Know your worth….

Now I have systems in place and know who I want in my gym

    2. Have systems in place

-know your pricing structure, know what is coming in every month

-know how many members you have.

-how many times a week they are coming in

-you need your members on a payment systems as you have no control if they are paying you cash ( they can just stop coming)


 3. Accountability


you hold your members accountable so why not yourself, you need to make sure you are going to do what you saying you are going to do.

And remember

You need to invest in yourself, once you have your PT cert,

it doesn’t end there,

you need to be prepared to invest in yourself and be constantly learning.

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Eoghan went from earning 24k to 80k in one year?


and it all started at Elite


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