“How I Went from €5 drop in classes, & 14 hour days to living in France With a Lifestyle Business

Here is Sarah owner of Boss lady who has been in the industry for over 16 years.

Sarah started as a glorifed cleaner in a Gym to having drop-in kettlebell classes to

to recently moving to the south of France where all her clients are online

Ok Sarah, so that is a quick summary of what you did and where you are now but lets go back….

Like so many trainers out there I was doing 14 hour days, grabbing my lunch where I could, dealing with payments coming in whenever

I had not had a holiday in 4 years but look I loved it and just thought this is what it is in this industry

but did it start to get stressful?


I had bought the domain for Galway kettlebells which limited me

 I had no systems when it came to payments

I was tired of the excuses

“sorry sarah I forgot to bring cash”

“sorry sarah I forgot to go to the pass machine”

Something had to change………

I met Sean who mentioned year long packages

To be honest I thought

“that wouldn’t work in Galway”

I thought I knew all realms of this industry but

I then met Jason a few months later who said the same thing and I thought ” I am going to try this ” and I did and it worked

I couldn’t believe it

the difference it made was unreal, people signed up for the year long packages

– no more excuses

– less admin work ,not worrying about keeping track of payments

what are you up to now?What is Bosslady?

I’m the director of Bosslady Club, so Bosslady is basically a movement for

women and who are just totally struggling with overwhelming areas of

their life like you know health, wealth, career, family etc and so I’m

helping them to find a balance to keep them accountable and to give them a

roadmap so that they can achieve what they want to do without being on horrible

diets or joining a gym and make it as simple as possible so they can’t fail.


Personal Trainer Course Dublin

What is the biggest problem you think trainers face today?

I would definitely say making their own mind up as to what is the best way to run the business

look at all the possibilities don’t set limits

Know your message, this has taken me years but once you have that clarity

everything falls into place

Look at those wufoo forms you get back from your ads. what are the commonalities

what are they saying? use that information

What was your biggest struggle?


I would tell myself stories, have all the excuses in the book

“didn’t have time”

“facebook ad didn’t work”

I had a fear of sales, would sale the cheaper version everytime actually got fired from jobs in the past

because of it, I came from quite a modest background I presumed that nobody had money 

I now value my service as I know I really can change peoples lives

Sales is ” sharing what you know”– Russell Brunson, so don’t be afraid of it


What advice would you give?

  1. Be clear about your message
  2. Be fuckin relentless and never quit, never give up on this shit
  3. Stop worrying about what other trainers think
  4. Work with people who know more than you and have walked the path

    as I found if you Pay You Pay Attention 


  • don’t be afraid to ask for help
  • get some accountability
  • make sure you ask questions
  • are you being productive i.e Get the work done


If you want to be just like Sarah, who now has all her business online, charging €100 an hour for phone coaching.

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