How I Went From cosy IT job with a nice salary, to Studio Owner and Doubling My Business in 3 Years and how you could too….

Here’s Catherine Shields from 3b Fit (we’ll get to what the 3 b’s stand for later)

Catherine always had a dream of getting into fitness but didn’t think she could turn her passion into a career.

She also wasn’t getting much encouragement from friends and family who didn’t think it was a career like so many….

People view people in fitness as just sitting around drinking protein shakes all day and that you can’t actually make a career out of this

so…..she got herself a nice cozy, pensionable job in IT


I started out first still having the full time job, working before work and after work I guess I had that fear of going into it full hoc

I then hit a “certain birthday” and thought I am not doing this for the rest of my life, I really wanted to help people improve their lives

It was getting me down, I felt anxious.

Something had to change….

But friends and family were now seeing how passionate I was about it and were now encouraging me to follow my dream

so, I went and looked at a space

I was still working for someone else when I went out on my own as I hadn’t a clue about Sales and Marketing

thats why I joined Ascension to get advice from yourselves

it’s been tough but would have been a lot tougher without your help to get systems in place.

I am now training the people I want to train

But more importantly

I didn’t think I would get here so fast but with your help my figures have doubled and my clients are getting unreal results, I couldn’t ask for more

I am actually earning more than when I was in IT in only 3 yrs 

I am living the dream………….

Who do you train?

I train women from 30-65yrs who have never been in the gym before – complete newbies

What advice would you give to the younger catherine?

  1. Be yourself 

Stop trying to mimic other people, authenticity is gonna sell to people more than than anything else.

 2. Invest in yourself

Getting better, you know reading more books, doing courses , getting coaches who can help you get to where you want to be.

3. Pick a client base

that you actually want to work with and and put yourself into their shoes

so understand their struggles, understand what they need help with and then try and help them

everyday whether that’s through social media or face to face, give them some sort of guidance 


What has given you control of your business now in terms of the day-to-day?


I think the number one is taking ownership for everything, being responsible for what you do and then just trying to improve yourself that little bit every day

trying to do something every day that’s gonna get you some clients in or you’re gonna help your clients get better and get results

it’s just taking your time being a bit patient with it 

If you have the right tools and systems in place and with a bit of consistency it will all work out for you.



So, Catherine what are those 3 b’s?


Believe, Be Strong, Be Happy

so believe in yourself, be strong and be happy every day


If you are like Catherine in a job to make other people happy and not doing what you have always dreamed of, download our prospectus today and lets start making that dream a reality


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