Unfortunately, people in gym’s all over the world go to exercise but never seem to get the benefit of it. It’s not their fault either.

There’s so much info out there on health and fitness that it can be a nightmare to know where/how to start and keep the ball rolling. The fact is, most people start exercising but never stick to it because their results don’t reflect their efforts!

I’m going to tell you the 5 main reasons you aren’t getting results in the gym and how to fix them!


To break it down quickly, I see people in the gym spending endless amounts of time on resistance machines and cardio equipment. There’s nothing wrong with treadmills and bicep curl machines but they shouldn’t be the main exercise for the day.

The reality is that big compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, presses, rows and carries build more muscle and burn more calories/fat than machines/cardio in less time too, I might add.

If you’re going to use machines, use them towards the end of a training session! But, generally using more free weights/compound exercises will carve the path to results!


Start your gym sessions by obviously warming up then doing a variation of a Squat, Bench, OHP, Pull Up or Deadlift. These exercises are shown to build strength, muscle and burn fat.

They also require slightly more effort from a technique point of view so that’s why we do them at the start as opposed to the end. This ensures the quality of work is high whilst also decreasing the risk of injury!


This might seem like an obvious one but it’s so true. 90% of gym-goers nutrition is either shite, inconsistent or consistently shite.

The fact is, for all of us; going to the gym and training is way easier than consistently eating good nutritious food at the right time for weeks on end.

As much as people post poached eggs and avocado on Instagram fishing for likes, the reality is when nobody is looking, people tend to make the wrong choices.

Nutrition is simple, eat enough calories to supports your gym goals(Muscle building, Fat loss etc) and make sure your Calories are a healthy, nutritious balance of Proteins, Fats & Carbs.

If you don’t know what the craic is with calories/macros then check out Jay’s Blog “How To Calculate Calories & Macros

The fact is, people generally know what to eat but where they fall down is having nothing prepared beforehand and they’re forced to go to the shop and drop 10 quid on processed sugary shite on lunch breaks etc!


When you have a day off, take 30-40 minutes to prep a big pot of good nutritious food, ie: Chili Con Carne, Stew, Curry, Stir-Fry.

Make enough to give you 5-10 meals for the week and save you having to spend extra on impulse buys in shops. If you’re struggling to find idea’s for food then download our FREE ISP COOKBOOK which is packed full of healthy, easy recipes for all kinds of fitness goals!


Where do I even start with this one. Not even in terms of training but also in terms of your quality of life, sleep is paramount.

I did  two blogs (2 Life Changing Benefits of Sleep5 Tips To Beat Insomnia & Get Better Sleep)  last year on sleep covering everything you’d need to know. Read them, It’ll change your life and I say that from first hand experience.

To break it down quickly, we all try to sleep. Most of us sleep like shit unfortunately.

From a physical standpoint, Sleep is the only time our bodies repair/build new muscle tissue and learn new skills(Co-ordination, Lifts).

From a mental standpoint, a good 8 hours sleep per night will alleviate stress, anxiety and boost productivity.

And the trade-off is that if you don’t sleep well, your physical and mental well-being is totally compromised. So you can see that sleep and results in the gym are connected!


Every night, be in bed by 10pm and read a book till you fall asleep(approx. 20-30 mins later). Avoid using laptops/excess phone usage after 9pm. Avoid contact with overhead lights(light candles instead). Stop drinking water 30mins before bed to avoid waking up in the night. Phones, Laptops and artificial light will trick your brain into thinking the sun is still out, which means your brain won’t secrete Melatonin(The sleepy Hormone).


Here’s a fact, a bad plan is better than no plan. In the case of the gym, you need a program/plan in order to achieve your goals.

We don’t all have access to high level coaches like the ones in ImpactSP(Sorry, not sorry) who can write good programs and put together a blueprint for success for you.

However, even if it’s a program you got from a friend, online or wherever; it’s still better than nothing!

How do you know where you’re progressing or regressing if you have nothing on paper and just wing it everytime you come into the gym? You need to keep track of the weights you’re using different exercises.

Why? In order to keep making progress in the gym(Strength or body composition) then you need to be doing a little more work in each training session(more weight, reps, sets etc).


Write down your training sessions and what weights you’re using on each set. Always look to increase these numbers to keep the body progressing. Obviously, getting a coach or finding a program is the next step up. Get in contact with us at Impact Strength & Performance Blackrock for advice and coaching.


Too many people spend the majority of their gym sessions checking fucking Facebook and Instagram instead of concentrating on actually training.

I get it, I post some of my lifts to Instagram but I never let it compromise the session. At the end of the day, if you’re rest periods are spent buried in Whatsapp and Facebook, who’s keeping track of how long you’re resting? Not you anyway!

Taking as short a rest period as needed is another key to progress in the gym. You should always look to increase the density of your training(more work in less time).

The fact is, the phone will only distract you from the work required to burn fat and build muscle. The same goes for a long-winded 10 minute chat about nothing to randoms in the gym. Nothing wrong with being social but don’t let it distract you mid-session.

The key to optimising your time in the gym is to start being more mindful. What does that mean? Well being mindful means being in the moment. When you’re in the moment, stuff gets done a lot better than had you just been going through the motions!


A trick I learned about putting yourself in the moment came from a book called Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich!

Before he does anything that requires concentration, he takes note of his surroundings, what he’s about to do and why he’s about to do it. He verbalises this in his head before he does it, this exercise alone instantly focuses him on the task in hand.

In your case folks, everytime you come into the gym and you’re lacking focus – try it!

Take note of where you are(I’m in the gym, in the squat rack), What you’re about the do(3 sets of 10 reps on Squats) and why you’re doing it(I want to get stronger, getting stronger will make me happier).

It sounds weird but trust me, it works. Get in the zone!!

Hope This Blog has been helpful guys, please get in contact with us info@ispgym.ie if you’ve any questions on training/nutrition and we’ll be more than happy to help you out!

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Thanks for reading guys!