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From Social Welfare to 2 Gyms- How Johnny did it the Smart way

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Here is Jonny Bruton one of the very first Elite students to complete our personal trainer course in 2011.

College wasn’t for Johnny and though it was many years and 3 attempts later before he realised this,

Johnny finally found his passion and that was helping people fit fitness into their lifestyle

He went from being on social welfare to now owning 2 smart training gyms in Ireland

Hey Johnny, tell us a bit about what you were doing before you got into the fitness industry? 

Being an ex international Hockey player I moved up to Dublin from Cork.

I was playing up here, doing a bit of hockey coaching to supplement my lifestyle.

I realised I had to do something with my life.

Sport is my background and I’ve obviously played to an elite level

but I wanted to help people who just wants to drop body fat and drop weight and tone up

That became my passion helping people where they are now to where they want to be

I first did a fitness instructor course where it was all step aerobics and headbands and thought to myself

Please say there is more to this industry then this but thankfully I found Elite and knew this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I was on social welfare for the first couple of years they actually helped with their start a business scheme.

I love your honesty, what would you say to someone who is letting fear hold them back into the industry?

You have to put yourself out there don’t worry what other people think everybody has an opinion , block them out.

set your goals, set your targets, if you have a passion for something it does not matter what everybody else thinks

I started by contacting all my facebook friends as these were my only network.

Remember they’re the people who could potentially join you and train with you and you’re gaining experience from them.

Get out there and tell them what you are doing ,

Be confident you have to believe what you’re giving to the person is valuable, you are changing their lives

so, don’t get caught up in figures.

What were some of the setbacks you had when you started off to where you are now?

We opened our first Smart Training in 2013 in churchtown, Dublin and opened up in Cork last November 2018.

Smart training, our philosophy is very much helping busy people with little time to look and feel their best

The biggest setback I have faced is getting the right staff.

but it’s finding the right people who fit your team who can relate to the clients,

As clients they don’t care about deadlifting they don’t care about squatting, they just want to know that you can relate to them and help them.

People Buy People

Like I have John ( who the members love) who was a past Elite student who had no experience whats ever and is now the manager of the Dublin branch.

What advice would you give to the younger Johnny burton?

You can’t beat experience, get yourself out there, find the right place that matches your philosophy

also if I could have backed myself earlier, Believe in yourself and what you are doing, I would be a very confident person but I wish I could have done that

earlier but look hindsight is a great thing.

What do you think the biggest problem personal trainers are facing?

I think one the biggest pressures is to start your own business, you don’t have to start your own business.

Just like going to college isn’t for everyone, being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone either.

In fact being an intrepreneur someone who is able to further themselves within inside another company like what

you’re offering it can be the best way for some people.

If you are like Johnny, who has a passion for fitness and for helping people.

Looking for the career for you.

You too could be like one of his staff members who also was an elite student is now the manager of his Dublin branch

or like johnny who owns 2 smart training gyms.

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