From €9 per hour making sandwiches to €9K per month in his own facility

Is college always the right path?

Scott’s dad was a traditionalist thought going to School – then college – get Job – have a Pension? Will make you happy

But Scott wasn’t…..

So, he decided to do a gym instructor course where he ended up doing step aerobics and for a man with 2 left feet this wasn’t good………………😂

One thing it did make him realise though that he did like the coaching side of things and knew a 9-5 job wasn’t for him…

But after that course he thought there has to be more to this in the fitness industry, so did a bit of research and found Elite.

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Started off in one of the commercial Gyms where he was a glorified cleaner, with a PT Cert

Sitting behind a desk not coaching anyone.

He knew he had to start thinking ahead and start making things happen……

The turning point was when his father visited and saw him cleaning up the gym floor……

He was horrifed to see his son cleaning a gym floor after all the money he had spent on his education.

This forced him to get the ball rolling on his ultimate goal of opening his own facilty.

He first went on to rent space from another Elite past student Johnny Bruton from Smart Training

went through many learning curves, like Groupon deals which he soon discovered was not the way to go, coaching people for €7 per hour.

“You soon realise what you’re worth…”

Then for 2 years rented a gym in a school which was great initially but as time went on, he discovered this wasn’t going to work long term

Was very restricted with hours.

He knew something had to change as he was working long hours for okay money, he realised he couldn’t do this forever

But didn’t know how!!!!!

“He asked for help,

He went to a facebook live event

“I knew nothing about Facebook, I thought the more likes you get the better, Likes don’t pay the bills “

From that event it opened up his eyes, not just from the business side but also is more confident than he has ever have been.

I am now in my own facility and have gone from earning 9 euro an hour making sandwiches to earning 9k a month

Scott, what advice would you give to those who think being a personal trainer isn’t a really Job???

Everyone has fear…….

And remember you can always go back

If you don’t try you are going to fail anyways, so why fear failure?

Whats the most important thing to get right when opening a facility?

  1. Value yourself, know what you want to do and stick with it

Believe in what you do

2. Get support, someone who is going to make you accountable.

What are the biggest problems, personal trainers are facing out there?


not having systems, not knowing the business side, how to market your business.

What advice would you give the younger Scott?

  1. Should have acted faster, I am in the industry 8 years so this hasn’t happened over night, Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  2. Fear- control your fear and use it to push yourself forward
  3. Value yourself, trust the process

Wanna know how, we could help you on your journey?

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