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“From Bricks to Clicks” How I Went From 12 Years Doing 14 Hr days & €5 Kettlebell Classes to Tripling my Income,Starting a Lifestyle Business

sarah smith

Sarah thought she knew all the avenues there was in the fitness industry, sure she had done it all……..

From starting off

  • as a glorified cleaner,
  • to doing swimming pool pH level tests,
  • the LES mills classes,
  • gp referral courses
  • a gym manager
  • then finally deciding to go out on her own.

After a chance meeting with Sean and Jay who put the idea of

year long Personal Training packages to her

What – “that wouldn’t work in my town”

But something stuck with her that day and she asked the lads for help…….

Sarah runs a lifestyle company in Monaco where it is safe to say is no longer offering €5 kettlebells,

far from it has infact tripled her income,

but Sarah you have been in the fitness industry for over 14yrs now,  what has been your biggest challenges?

1.Self-Belief was the biggest challenge

I have done every course out there

But nothing clicked into place for me to create a proper income and live the lifestyle I wanted

until I started doing the inner work

I took everything to heart, so any criticism from clients would set me back.

I had no boundaries, i.e no systems, so clients were in control of payments.

I was so happy for clients wanting to work with me instead of thinking I’m the catch,

people buy people

2. Know your figures

When I opened my own premises in Galway, the place was buzzing,

it was a success but was it????????

If you checked the books actually 

it’s a failure I couldn’t pay the bills

that was a dark moment , so KNOW YOUR FIGURES

personal trainer courses

What advice would  you give your younger self?

I’d say start with the inner game

Before you do anything

what is your message?

who can you help?

why are you doing it?

what shit do you need to let go of in order to do this

I used up a lot of energy working with clients that were not really a good fit for me 

I used to push people away from sales

Now I view sales as a mutual exchange of  energy

I’d say to people starting out is you know do start meditating, sign up with some NLP or some sort of mindset.


The abundance of opportunity online is just limitless it’s just so exciting

I used to feel I didn’t have to be techie

But even using the basic systems will save you so much time and you can then use that time in other more important parts of the business

so you if you are to do one thing after reading this is set up a booking system like scheduleonce

 Structure + Systems = freedom

3. Asking for help allowed me to overcome my fear of investing and mentoring with great success

I didn’t actually know what mentoring was

I wouldn’t have been one to be like looking people up I didn’t know who to look up!

One of the most life changing moves asking for help

Remember advice is not criticism

Asking for help, helps you to collapse time

Submerge yourself in personal development and coaching

I put other courses aside so I could afford to invest in myself and my spiritual growth

By meditating and journalling, this helped me before sales calls

it would prepare me for what was to come and get me excited for that call rather than dread…..

What do you guys think about the rise in online coaching  I see a lot of YouTube instafitness people selling programs these days where they

do video calls and give you workouts to do, you reckon that’s a scalable sustainable business model?

Yes it is, loads of them wouldn’t be as successful as there are earning six figures and beyond 

Get to know the platform that you like to get your message out there

What platform do your customers use?

But remember its not just about going on social media

you need to have built a foundation, a business model that works

Also you need to analyze the metrics

I am going to analyse the content I put out

going to look at the interactions of the times of day

  • what they engaged in
  • what got the most shares 

I’ve got an idea of content but the audience will tell me what content that they want

same with Instagram

  • I’m going to my insights
  • looking at where people stop looking at a story of mine

People like seeing you, the personal stuff

I struggled with that at first,

they want a leader they’re looking for someone to lead them so like step up to the mark

Had I not looked at the analytics I wouldn’t have known that is what they want

Ask for help today


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