Fitness Models Make the Worst Coaches

Fitness Models Make the Worst Coaches

What I’m about to say 

Is gonna melt the heads off a few people for sure. 


While going through applications 

For the May 16th Full time ECC and May 17th Part-time 

(Which by the way you can apply for one of the spots by going here 

/ and scheduling a call with the team) 

Something crazy came up; 

There seems to be this huge fear 

That because peeps don’t *look* like some pre-conceived idea they have of how trainers *should* look 


They worry; 

They won’t be able to get any clients

They’re terrified no ones will take them seriously 

Have this idea that they’ll be laughed at for even considering this 

Since they can’t do 20 pullups, deadlift 200 kgs and have a wee bit more body fat that your average greyhound. When in my humble (but correct) opinion – It’s all Bullshyte 

Fact is, 

Your average client 

Couldn’t care less about you, or your abs, (or lack of them) 

Don’t Care how many muscle-ups some trainer full of his own BS can do while balancing a Kettlebell on his ear in a pair of vegan vivo barefoot runners. 

Here’s the real truth;

The clients you’re gonna have in future 

Are going to care less about how you look and what you can do 

And waaay more about how you can help THEM look, feel and, perform their best. 

Ye get me?

That’s not to say 

You aren’t into your own health and fitness 

Of course, you are. Or you wouldn’t even be reading this in the first place. 

You should definitely be practising what you preach

Or as we say in Elite 

You have no excuse for not LIVING what you’re supposed to LEAD. 

Ye get me?

Cause investing in your own health and fitness is absolutely a must. 


But you do NOT have to be completely ripped to bits, only walked off stage an hour ago, or a seasoned athlete yourself in order to be a great coach.

Does that make sense?


Cause here’s the deal; 

If you have an idea of becoming a great coach. 

And by that I mean; 

Someone who knows the way and, shows the way?

Then you’ll agree that can only be done by someone who is going that way themselves.

Ye get me? 

Or like we say in Elite; 

They Learn, Live & Lead the art and science of good coaching. 

Which, by the way 

Is something we cover 

in a tonne of detail on the Elite Coaching Certification 

If you’d like more details use the link below to download straight to your device

Sean “Client First” McGarrity 

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