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Why should you study this course?

You want to learn the purest form of Kettlebell training taught correctly by someone who actually knows what their on about.

Learn what the strong do naturally to improve your expression of strength potential Ballistics VS slower high intensity lifts.

Proper mechanics,alignment.Neuromuscular “neural drive” techniques for improved strength. Proper breathing and proper groove Ultimate focus on techniques across all the main lifts.

Better coaching ability and effective teaching skills.

Drills to improve clients performance across all lifts Mobility work and prehabilitation techniques using Kettlebells Correct posture and body alignment How to spot and fix common errors.

Who is this course for?

If you want to achieve the status of Elite Kettlebell Instructor lifter to differentiate yourself from the competition and have your outstanding ability recognized then here you have it! This is sure to be an excellent investment for any serious Kettlebell lifters out there and will raise your level of expertise beyond the reach of your competition.You’ve plateaued on the press and no matter how hard you train you cant move that 40KG off your chest...Sound like you?Let us show you how strength is a skill and the neuromuscular efficiency techniques that he will share on this course which you will never have seen before, are designed specifically to helpyou express your true strength.This is the course that will show you your limiting factor in your true strength expression and programing to take advantage of that to let you reach your full potential.


  • Program design for strength workGET BEAST TAMER STRONG!
  • Program design for fat lossInstantly adaptable programs to use with your own clients to get them ripped FAST!
  • Kettlebells, Prehab and MobilityMove better = perform better


Review and fine tuning of all techniques from day one, pre testing. All tests will require 5 technically sound REPS be completed.

Header Male Female


24 kg

16 kg


16 kg x 2

8 kg x 2


16 kg

8 kg


12 kg

8 kg


  • Swing (two hand, hand to hand)
  • Kettlebell front Squat
  • Clean
  • Press
  • Snatch
  • Double Bell Press
  • Turkish Getups




Must have a level 3 Gym Instructor

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