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Episode #9: John (JT) Kenny

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Joining us in today’s episode is John (JT) Kenny, lifestyle coach and fitness trainer for Access Health + Fitness who focuses on mindfulness within oneself to become successful inside of one’s health. According to JT, “if we’re thinking of wanting, then we can’t focus on anything else and remain stuck.”

For JT, it’s about living in the moment and being fully present to keep us in a strong frame of mind so that fitness and health naturally come with it.

But he didn’t start out that way.

Originally he did MMA and while dealing with his own mental health, he realized there was more to it that he could help others discover as well, and is very open about helping others discover their own mental health. Once we’re aware of where we’re at mentally, we are able to focus on the health that needs to increase or remain so that we may have the inspiration we need to achieve whatever it is that we set out to do.

It benefits everyone when we’re in a strong mental state, so it makes sense to JT to take that approach to fitness. He made this realization while feeling helpless and useless with his young daughter in the hospital, studying with full purpose replaced the pain of being a father with a sick child and learning the full package of physical, mental and spiritual health.

We’ve got to look in the mirror and realize that most of the preventable health issues that we see today can be dealt with through proper nutrition and active lifestyles.

Even with children, instead of presenting them with many options that only result in what society sees as easy and convenient with fast food and take away, making homemade meals is becoming a dying art, yet it’s one of the greatest connections a family can have amongst each other. Consuming more vegetables in one’s diet, especially amongst our children, we help create healthy habits that last a lifetime.

So what’s made JT successful as a lifestyle coach? Keying in on the personal aspect of the client, letting them know about his own background as well. He walks the talk by being personable with each individual client.

In JT’s mind, this is what separates the “bad” trainers from the “good” are those that are more focused on making money and selling shitty products. If they aren’t willing to continually educate themselves on tools that can be used as a fitness trainer, how are they going to help their clients?

The more that we educate ourselves on where I food comes from, what happens to our body when we put food into it and exercise brings a life of awareness and accountability. This doesn’t mean that we deny treats every so often; it’s more about continual consumption of refined and processed foods.

Highlights from Today’s Episode:

–John (JT) Kenny is a lifestyle coach for Access Health + Fitness

–Living in the moment and being fully present keeps us in a strong frame of mind

–When JT’s daughter was sick and in hospital, he had the realization that when we have a healthy mental lifestyle, nutrition and fitness naturally follows, studying to develop purpose instead of sitting there feeling helpless.

–Simply put, many health issues that people deal with today can be prevented through proper nutrition and active lifestyles.

JT’s 2 Week Meal System:

  • 4 favorite chicken, beef, and fish dishes
  • Alternate between every 2 weeks
  • homemade meals made at home
  • eat together as a family around the dinner table

–A continual trend that JT sees in fitness is claiming that one thing is going to solve every aspect of our life; it’s about discovering what works and maintaining a healthy life.

–The fads are extreme and not the best for longevity.

–As a lifestyle coach and fitness trainer, JT makes a personal connection with his clients, sharing parts of himself with them as he gets to know them on an individual basis.

Ways to Connect with John Online:

Email: john@accessfitness.ie





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