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Episode #7: Andy Meyers

We have Andy Meyers on today’s podcast as Jason takes the interview solo while Sean is in exams. Andy is the owner of AM Fitness, which according to his Instagram account is a “unique, semi-private personal training specialist in strength, mobility and movement.”

So how did he get his start into the fitness industry?

Kickboxing became a catalyst towards Andy turning into a trainer himself, solidifying the trend that we continue to see regarding kickboxing creating fitness trainers. But Andy believes in bringing out unlimited possibilities in his life, which is shown in the way how he trains others at his AM Fitness facilities.

His evolution in fitness is explained as a movement based approach, focusing on isolating an area in the body that moves the rest of the body into motion. Before we make it sound too scientific, it comes down to the individual choosing a movement that brings him the greatest capacity of power within his body.

How does Andy measure that?

Through having his clients do handstands.

In a very short amount of time it shows where our core areas of weakness and strength are.

So what else makes him successful as a trainer?

He has the courage to ask questions. Ultimately, Andy demonstrates through his own example the mindset that none of us ever stops learning, and what our body is capable of doing demonstrates that. However, this requires pushing beyond our comfort zone.

One of the best ways to do that is by creating a more laid back and comfortable environment in which hesitant clients can participate in Handstands + Coffee.

Highlights from Today’s Episode

–Kickboxing helped Andy get out of his shell and became a catalyst towards becoming a trainer himself in the fitness industry.

–Though the type of training that Andy helps his clients with tends to be quite fun, at the end of the day if they’re not growing and doing the work necessary to push beyond the comfort zone, it’s pointless to be a trainer.

–Continual education within himself as a trainer helps him stay focused on fresh approaches for the individual.

–We help educate others by helping to educate ourselves first.

–Calling people out on bullshit within the fitness industry isn’t needed when operating from a place of realizing that we have to learn from our own mistakes.

–Andy is always willing to learn and not afraid to ask for help or clarity in something that isn’t clear to him.

–According to Andy, the best thing that has happened to the fitness industry has been the addition of smaller gyms that focus on specific areas behind human needs.

–Take a second to look at how a person moves, and you can start to see how to increase their weaknesses by utilizing on their strengths.

–If you’re in an industry involving interaction with people, empathy is CRUCIAL in helping the clients within fitness.

–Observing the client’s tone of voice and body language helps Andy learn how to better help his clients use their full range of motion.

–Handstands + Coffee is a program that Andy has put together as a community growth that doesn’t have pressure of commitment but an opportunity to work out in a more casual environment.

Andy’s Weekly Structure at AM Fitness:

Strength, Mobility & Movement

Monday: Interactive Warm-Up; getting into positions we don’t normally get in, such as a pelvic-based approach

Tuesday: Mobility Class

Wednesday: Interactive Warm-Up & Strength Base, Shoulder Health

Thursday: Mobility

Friday: Interactive Warm-Up, Legs and monthly skill focus

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