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Episode #6: Danny Lennon, Part 2

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Thanks for joining us again in Part 2 of our interview with Danny Lennon.

We pick right up where we left off, which was covering the topic of evidence-based nutrition through continually educating one’s self as the trainer so the clients receive the best results they can on an individual basis.

This can only be done through getting to know the client and truly wanting to help them, which Danny emphasized was an essential part of being a great trainer. For today, we go over the camps and trends that we see within the fitness industry.

Look at the totality of what the body needs comes down to increasing more greens and decreasing processed foods, but there’s no one set way of how we are supposed to eat.

It comes down to discovering what works for you, bringing you the results that you are seeking for how you want your body to look and operate as.

In turns of a worthwhile lifestyle, checking one’s Vitamin D levels, especially with supplements in the winter, helps us maintain the healthy life.

So what is the future of the fitness industry? According to Danny, it comes down to the psychology of the clients and going beyond that through understanding the art of communication and what their body language is telling you.

The low-hanging fruit is everything that’s outside of fitness that gives us keys in how to help them with good nutritional habits consistently. It comes down to how they set their goals and paying attention to who they are as a human.

Highlights from Today’s Episode:

–Trends within the fitness industry rarely have any evidence-based behind them.

–Individualize diets and fitness routines create the longest-lasting results.

–Essential amino acids and protein is a great combination.

–Behavior Psychology is where the future focus of the fitness and nutrition industry is.

–Technology will really help tracking metrics.

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