Epigenetics – An Introduction

Epigenetics essentially is the study of how environmental factors influence the genetic expression of an organism. For the sake of this article we will focus on certain environmental factors that can greatly influence the genetic expression of us human beings.

The largest environmental influences on our genetic expression as a human species are the following:



Circadian Rhythms

Environmental Toxins

Our Upbringing & “Developmental Conditioning” (sets our Subconscious Belief Systems)

Our Society and Culture (also another factor in setting our Subconscious Belief Systems)

Our Thoughts (is heavily influenced by the above factors)



How much anyone of these areas influences a person will vary from individual to individual, but the first main point I want to get across here is that there are multiple factors that will dictate why a person is the way that they are. Once you begin to appreciate this, you begin to realize that all you can try to have towards your fellow brother and sisters is compassion, empathy, and unconditional love and acceptance. Instead of condemning ones actions we should seek to ask – Why? Why does one act and behave in such a way? This is why to me epigenetics is fundamental in our journey to understanding the world around us.

The second main point I want to share with you is that epigenetics also shows us that we are our own creators! We are NOT determined by our genes alone but by their expression due to our genes interaction with the environment. We can very much to a large extent control all of the environmental factors that I listed above so as to optimize are human experience during our short time here on earth. According to Bruce Lipton PhD cell biologist and author of the best-selling book Biology of Belief, 95-98% of our gene expression is epigenetic, and only 2-5% of our gene expression is truly genetically determine.


So from this information that I have just shared with you, you will understand why I believe that it is essential to optimize to the best of our abilities:
Our Nutrition

Our Sleep

Our Circadian Rhythms

Our exposure to Environment Toxins

Our subconscious belief system, thoughts and mind-set

Our Exercise habits


These to me are my “Core Values” and “Core Principles”. These to me are my essentials, my nutrition, my sleep, my light & dark exposures (circadian rhythms), my thoughts and mind-set, my training, etc.
So my health and well-being is a core principle to me. To me, if I can do my best to optimize my environment so as to optimize me as a human being, I will be in the best possible position to optimally contribute to world around me.
So in the next follow up newsletters I will go into a little more depth into each of main environmental factors that I listed throughout the article.


We will start with a look at Nutrition.


Until next time my friend.

Be Well.

Love and Peace


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