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Dude wants to KILL me stone dead!!!!

I don’t get death threats too often.

But when I get them…. Holy shit are they funny.

Like John here who sent me the most endearing email ever.

“Your a cheeky fuck, you know nothing of were I qualified, is actually through the XXXXX, full time course, ran through XXX,

NOW, Take me off your email list. Or I’ll show you how too squat!!!

Holy shit balls, someone’s pissed in john’s cornflakes obviously.

I think what he’s referring to is when I sent a mail out earlier this week about trainers who don’t care enough about their education.

You know the kind I mean, the guys who just don’t care enough to invest in themselves and end up “Googling” workouts.

Seems he’s taken that a bit personally.

Now I don’t know if that’s the definition of a turkey voting for Christmas or not.

I will leave that decision up to you.

But he simply cannot find the unsubscribe button even though I highlighted it to him. Twice.

It’s here buy the way john ==> UNSUBSCRIBE.<==

Just click it.


For the love of god do yourself a favour.

Then maybe have some fucking herbal tea and calm the fuck down.

I mean holy shit who gets that wound up about an email landing in an inbox.

When all you have to do is click a wee button.

“take me off your email address send out list!!! Now!!! 

If you don’t , well we’ll have a chat face too face.

WOW! His dude is off the Richter scale here.

The only reason he’s on the list is because he requested the nutrition guide we gave away a while back.

(He probably used it to prop up his coffee table by the sounds of it.)

Maybe he forgot? I’m not sure?

But it sound like (just maybe) he’s not getting value from my emails anymore.

SO hey, unsubscribe man.

I can’t do it for you it doesn’t work like that.

If I click the button it unsubscribes me!

SO same goes for you guys….

….if you’re not getting value just unsubscribe.

Serious I won’t be offended.

The only reason you will be on here (apart form the odd entertaining email) is to get impartial advice about the fitness industry.

Advice on what the best way forward in nailing a successful business in a job you love.

You see the big difference about coming to me is that I own a gym.

And me and the team here still market to leads, close sales, and coach clients.

Every. Single. Day.

So, when you come here you learn the business of fitness form inside a thriving fitness business.

I’ve been in the fitness industry 8 Years now.

And in all honesty I would say in terms of “mastering it” that happened realistically speaking in only the last 2 years.

And in building Elite FPA we have assembled a team that have a combined knowledge base of over 40 years.

So as you can see this is not an ordinary training provider. It’s a “live laboratory”

Where we have learned what works in a real world scenario’s that gets results that people will pay for.

So you don’t have to spend 8 years you can fast track it and learn the exact system we use today that gets outstanding results.

If that sound like something you want to get involved in

You should get in touch.

Schedule a call and we can talk today HERE

Sean McGarrity


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