Dublin Personal Trainer Reveals Key to Accessing Big Ticket Clients and over 180K revenue

One of Dublins Most Expensive Personal Trainer Reveals Secret to High Paying Clients

So, Tristan what’s your background?

IT is what I was in before Fitness,

I wasn’t sporty or into fitness growing up so was told

to concentrate on my education encouraged to get a nice stable job

but I kind of rebelled when I got into college I wanted to change my body

which I did, so then wanted to start helping other people do the same thing and get that same feeling I had

“I opened my own Personal Training studio about a year ago now, I work with men who are 40 plus

who have successful careers but their fitness and health takes a back step They’re already driven

it’s just getting them to understand that they can get the same drive in other areas of life by taking

a few minutes each day and showing them the effect it will have on the rest of their lives

Q: How did you get to where you are now?

I first was working full time in IT and then doing PT on the side

like a lot of people doing a bit of both. A bit afraid to leave the full time job But I then began to see the potential I decided to go for it

I first was renting a space from someone but after a while I knew I had to go out on my own

as I was limited with hours which then capped my income and I knew there was great potential and yes it was a risk

my rent is a lot larger than it was it’s costing me a lot of money!!!!!!

What was holding you back?

Self doubt I guess, trust in my own value and worth

that fear of failure, fear of embarrassment, fear you might have to go back to the old job.

When I was growing up I was told

  • take a secure job,
  • get your mortgage,

  A play it safe mindset

As title says you’re one of the most expensive Personal Trainers in Dublin, what are you charging 500 quid a session? what sort of setbacks have you had?

It’s 500 euro a month for access to 4 sessions but sometimes these aren’t all taken up or they’re coached remotely so yeah its expensive comparatively but it’s worth every cent 

The biggest set back was Time

I delayed on everything

I’ve achieved more in the last year with you guys than I have in the last ten plus


self -doubt, fear of failure,

What would be your 3 pieces of advice

  1. Act fast

I am a bit of a perfectionist

so I would rather not put a video out than put a shit one out

that held me back instead I’ve seen the benefit of putting out a video

its content even if that’s not  giving you direct sales I have my current clients coming in

going I loved what you said in that video during the week and instead of them thinking they see me

once a week now they are even getting a bit

more contact bit more value.

2. Working on your inner self

When I started to get vulnerable and just talk about all the

stuff that was going wrong and all the things that was in my head things became

easier and then other people talked about what’s going on with them you show a bit of

vulnerability It shows some character, people will connect with that

3. Value Yourself

I think this whole industry everyone undervalues themselves and sells 

sessions way too cheap and doesn’t appreciate the result that they’re giving at the end

Personal Trainer course Dublin

What would you say is the biggest thing you
taken away from the last year?

I thought sales was about persuading someone to buy my stuff give me money


I’ve learned that it’s more about finding the right people that you want to work with

and showing your own value not trying to force it on them,

showing how you can make them change.

Also having the support from the guys in the group.

It can be isolating being a PT

so its great to bounce ideas off the lads

One last tip

if you’ve got a vision, if you’ve got an idea what you should be doing or

who you should become just start now.

I think a lot of people don’t give themselves permission to become this person that they have the potential to be.

To contact Tristan directly, if you have any questions

his website is  th.ie

Or if you’d like to start your journey as a Personal Trainer then use the link below to download a course prospectus


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