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Our Inspirational Team

Sean McGarrity

Founder of Elite Fitness & Performance Academy

Sean McGarrity, the director of Elite Fitness & Performance Academy has been instructing students at his academies in Blackrock since 2011. He has built Elite into the greatest provider of courses for the fitness industry with graduates being commended in gyms all over the country. He surrounded himself with the best fitness minds and coaches in Ireland to realise his true passion of educating the elite in the fitness industry.

Prior to his time as director of fitness professional academies, Sean has had over 20 years business experience and has headed up some of the most successful franchise operations in Ireland. He used his experiences of managing large sales teams and franchising operations when he set up Leisure Industry Academy Dublin.

Training from the age of 15, Sean was inspired by Arnold and Bruce Lee, giving him a huge focus on martial arts when he studied Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Kickboxing and Muay Thai. To back up his training goals, he put an emphasis on sprinting and weight training. Having competed at various events through the years, he transferred these skills and experience and gained the necessary qualifications to enable him to train clients as a career direction and has been pursuing this ever since.

Over the last 3 years in Dublin, Sean has developed one of the leading training providers in the market place and has changed the way fitness professionals are educated in line with the evolution of the industry. However, Sean’s mission to deliver the best courses possible meant he had to set up his Elite to deliver the level of quality for courses he knew the market demanded.

His sense of understanding market needs in terms of required skills means Elite’s sole focus is on producing trainers that meet the demands of an ever changing industry. Along with his exceptional team of expert tutors, Sean delivers course to a standard where there is no comparison in the industry.

Jason Kane

Jason Kane is one of the finest kettlebell instructors in Ireland and is the only person in Europe to have tamed the beast (48Kg kettlebell; strict press, pistol squat and pull-up). He is constantly studying the latest training techniques to ensure his courses are of the highest standard possible and always the most up to date.

Jason graduated from Dublin Institute of Technology in 2009 with a BEng Hon’s Degree in Structural Engineering. After the down turn in the construction industry Jason decided to make a career out of his passion for fitness and performance. Since he was a child, Jason has trained and competed in many styles of martial arts including Kenpo, Muay Thai, BJJ and boxing.

In 2010, Jason gained his personal training qualification from the National Training Centre. After working in commercial gyms and becoming frustrated watching people invest huge amounts of time and money without ever achieving their goals, Jason co-founded Urban Fitness with the mission to enable people to reach their health, fitness and performance potential safely and efficiently.

Over the last two years Jason has invested hugely into continuous education by attending workshops, seminars and certifications to keep his clients up to date with the latest fitness trends. He has qualified as an RKC, SFG level 1 & 2 kettlebell instructor, CKFMS corrective exercise specialist, DNS (Dynamic neuromuscular stabilisation) for exercise professionals, Primal move, IABI level one boxing coach and Precision Nutrition Coach.

He has studied under some of the leading names in the industry:

  • Phil Richards
  • Phil Learney
  • Irish Strength Institute
  • Dan John
  • Pavel Tsatsouline

When not instructing at Elite Fitness & Performance Academy, Jason works at the gym he co-owns, Urban Fitness with a wide variety of clients with varied goals, from the house wife looking to tone up to the executive looking to improve his golf game, and athletes looking for peak performance (golf, ironman, pro fighters)

Jay’s gym: Urban Fitness

Courses: PT, Kettlebels Instructor, Suspension Training

Shannon Pollock

Shannon is a very active competitor in powerlifting and Girevoy sport (Kettlebell sport) European IUKL Kettlebell Champion. 3 times National Record Holder with IDPFA in powerlifting, multiple gold medalist in both sports.

Also ranked in the top 10 IN THE WORLD after the powerlifting world championships in Texas 2016

Shannon squats more than most dudes we know, for god sake. Were talking up in the 150’s and her deadlift is 177.

“Goals for end of 2016 is deadlift 200.”

Shannon loves to compete almost as much as she loves to coach and teach. Her depth and variety of knowledge is second to none and her ability to transfer that is what makes her such a pleasure to work with and learn from.

Courses: Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer


John Matthews

I’ve been working in the fitness industry for 6 years. Im a serving soldier in the army and have received a lot of fitness related skills from the organisation including rock climbing & confidence training, mountaineering, hiking, orienteering & map reading, I’ve also competed in numerous races including a team based 10km race of which I was part of the winning team and also competed in a desert marathon in Chad, Africa.

As I developed in one area I started to expand my knowledge into other areas and this is when I fell in love with strength and conditioning. I hold national certificates in S&C and am currently studying for a BA in S&C. I had an internship with an intercounty GAA team and really enjoyed seeing How To apply gym based sessions with a large active team.

For my own training I really enjoy kettlebells and have completed the RKC and am a strongfirst level 2 coach.
I coach in Stringerfitness in Ashbourne where I oversee the kettlebell and S&C training.
I also train and compete out of SBG ireland where I focus on Brazilian jiu jitsu. I Am a blue belt but have my mind focused on my purple belt.

My goals for the future are to complete my degree and a masters. I will also aim to medal at the highest level for jiu jitsu nationally and internationally. While always furthering my education.

Courses: Part-time Personal Trainer