7 reasons you might fail when trying a weightloss program


7 REASONS YOU MIGHT FAIL WHEN TRYING A  WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM/DIET. I heard on the radio that Ireland is fast becoming the most obese nations in Europe check the stats here <<< and it got me thinking why do so many people struggle with weight loss? With 90% of the people, we see at Impact Strength & Performance, Blackrock […]

Help Me, I’m Working Out With No Results


  I GO TO THE GYM ALL THE TIME BUT I DON’T SEE RESULTS…WHY?   Unfortunately, people in gym’s all over the world go to exercise but never seem to get the benefit of it. It’s not their fault either. There’s so much info out there on health and fitness that it can be a […]

3 Ways A Good Personal Trainer Will Change Your Life

isp gym

  Curious about getting into shape and turning your life around? As a personal trainer working in a semi private PT facility , Impact SP Blackrock,  we know the impact we’ve had on clients , they’ve completely changed their body, mind and spirit. It’s not all six packs and bulging biceps… Quality Personal Training will give […]

Why it Isn’t ALL about calories


Get ready because a can of worms is well and truly going to be opened here. Calories are perhaps what much of the population will most associate with a healthy diet, healthier foods or weight loss. Unfortunately this is not the best way to think about good nutrition. The long-standing prevalent thought related to weight […]