Rick Evans


“I just want to say thanks to the guys at Elite. I couldn’t have chosen a better place to learn. The tutors practice what they preach and are all at the top of their game; it’s been a pleasure to train there with them. I had a complete career and life changing move from the […]

James Hanley (Revolution Fitness)


“10 months ago I was stuck in a job I hated. I worked long hours for sh*t pay for a boss that didn’t appreciate me, and work which didn’t satisfy me [James was an accountant]. One day it all changed, I’d hit rock bottom. I knew in 20 years time I could still be trekking […]

Anna Syme (Anna Syme PT)

testimonials girl

“After the courses I completed with Elite, I got to work right away. I left with the complete confidence I needed to go out on my own and start my PT business. It’s what I always wanted. After 3 months I had that much business I needed help to cover the sessions. I met someone […]

John T Kenny (Access Fitness Dublin)


“After doing the 6 weeks fulltime course with Elite Fitness & Performance Academy I just had a much bigger outlook as to what was possible with the qualification and what I had learned. I had a few clients lined up for the Monday right after I had finished. it was great to be able to […]