“When I see Elite on a cv, I know they’re worth talking to”

Best PT course Dublin

3 of my last 4 hires have been Elite students and theres a pretty obvious reason why…… Brendan came across F45 by pure accident and what an accident that turned out to be he’s now launched 3 franchises in Dublin over the past 2 years Brendan is here with us today to tell us how […]

I Quit a Managers Position & 27K to Become a PT

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Have you ever thought about getting into fitness but were afraid to leave your job, or thought you maybe wouldn’t be good enough to make a real career from it so you just kept on working at something you didn’t really wanna do forever cause you didn’t have any other ideas? If you answered YES […]

Why Personal Trainer Certs are a Total Waste Of Money?

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****** Warning ******** ……..just in case shit gets “ranty” AND there’s a possibility i’ve some bad news …..YOU …..could be wasting a SHIT TON of money …..IF ………you’re thinking about becoming a Personal Trainer and you’re trying to buy a ……”cert” because those certs are a waste of money…… Personal Trainer certs are a waste……of money  Have […]