You’re Happy Ever After…….

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“Go to school get good grades and if you’re lucky you’ll get into university and then you’ll get a great job and be happy ever after” Isn’t that what we are all told…….. But look some people believe in Fairies…… You see I speak to students every day as you know we are applications only […]

STOP putting it off, the grass is greener………….

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Are you thinking about becoming a Personal Trainer BUT you worry you are not fit enough….. you worry people will laugh at you…… not sure where to go, all providers are the same. All those fears that are holding you back are your bullshit stories. Only YOU can make that change The only regret these […]

Why I Quit 40k Sales Job To Become A Personal Trainer

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“pick the cheapest provider out there they are all the same” We don’t claim the success of our students, students make their own success. But we can see every day students going back 8 or 9 years ago are still rockin this industry. we are often accused of focusing  to much on those who go […]

How our students fought their fears to grab life by the balls….

Personal Trainer gym class

We all have those bullshit stories that we keep telling ourselves. I am not good enough I’ll wait till I am fitter i’ll wait till its a better time Friends tell me there is no work out there There is nothing holding you back except YOU What is the worse that could happen? Here are […]

From Social Welfare to 2 Gyms- How Johnny did it the Smart way

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Here is Jonny Bruton one of the very first Elite students to complete our personal trainer course in 2011. College wasn’t for Johnny and though it was many years and 3 attempts later before he realised this, Johnny finally found his passion and that was helping people fit fitness into their lifestyle He went from […]

How do I Know When it’s Time to Open My Own facility ???????

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How do you know when it is time to expand? Ok well before you start thinking about expansion or taking on any risk…. Is your current gym fully booked and has it been for the past 3 months? Are you turning people away? if you answer YES to these questions, then it is time to […]