There were no jobs in the Gyms in Louth For Me… So I Built My Own One

Personal Trainer gym class

Sean: Yo! What is the craic, Chris? Chris: What’s happening? What’s happening? Sean: I am fucking super excited to get you on here today, and tell these people the story, because look, just so that these guys know what they’re in for, what were you doing before you got into fitness? Give us like a […]

Advice for people starting out in fitness from 3 gym owners…….

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Look I wanted to do this, this is something really, really unique…..  That I’ve got in the gym with me today cause this thing happens every Thursday, us dudes all meet up to train and its guys who came through the Academy and now they are Personal Trainers out there doing their own thing but […]

14 Craziest requests ever made to a PT


Came across this article just this morning and it creased me up. Turns out people out there are off their trolly.😂 But hey maybe you knew that already If not prepare yourself for a glimpse into the world of a personal trainer with 14 of the craziest things ever said to a PT in session. […]

Where do I start, I want to do a Personal Trainer course

Personal Trainer gym class

Tons of YOUR questions about our personal trainer course and more answered here. Q: What’s the difference between training providers and accrediting bodies? ANSWER: All training providers and their relevant accrediting bodies (ITEC, FETAC, REPs) provide you with the certification required to start your career in fitness. If you are considering emigrating make sure your […]

From €9 per hour making sandwiches to €9K per month in his own facility

scott furlong

Is college always the right path? Scott’s dad was a traditionalist thought going to School – then college – get Job – have a Pension Will make you happy But Scott wasn’t….. So, decided to do a gym instuctor course where he ended up doing step aerobics and for a man with 2 left feet […]

Personal Training Is NOT a REAL Job

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Personal training Is NOT a REAL Job It’s over saturated, underpaid and over 80% will quit in their first year and make less than 10K.  Is exaclty what Sandra keeps being told She replied to one of my emails saying, She keeps hearing stuff like: “That course costs a fortune! You will never make a living […]