Best Personal Trainer Course in Dublin

Dya wanna know something mad? The term – Best Personal Trainer Course in Dublin, is one of the highest searched terms right now. And I think I know why.

After over a year of lockdown

A lot of peeps seem to have re-evaluated what’s really important to them

And it turns out, it only a few months back for the realisation of;

WTAF am I doing here?

Is this really how im going to spend the rest of my days in this office doing this shyte?

And a smack in the face of how deadend that road really was and how shyte it made them feel appears in a kind of epiphany.

SO they’ve sought out something else that’s been calling them

It’s been kinda nagging at them for a while like, in the back of their head for ages anyway, like this here;

–“ I love training, I love the gym, I see doods doing this and making great careers, I know its possible, I followed money and became unhappy what if I followed something that meant stuff to me. What would that look like, I don’t even need to be mega successful but having a real purpose is something I wanna explore?

Ye know?

And so it begins.

Comparing Ireland's Top Personal Training Course's

he search for the Best Personal Trainer Course in Dublin,

And that’s where I wanna come in cause im gonna review the best known courses to make that transition easier for you.

Ready? Cool, onwards;

So I Googled it’s and here’s what came back in order;


A new entrant onto the market that’s comes out of the UK and is bought as a franchise so people resell it as far as I can see.

Its fully online with an exam on the end.

It’s a no frills straight off the shelf Active IQ qualification that includes gym instructor and PT in one combo or if you wish you can study the Fitness instructor part separately.

The whole fitness instructor thing in my experience is only good if you’re maybe younger and want to gain experience working in a gym on minimum wage so that later you can qualify as a PT and move on in your career.

I’d recommend everyone do full PT, cause theres just so much more benefits to having that level of knowledge.

I’ve seen the entire active IQ syllabus and been through this course myself.

So I have experience of the material.

It’s a great base of knowledge throughout what they cover and, you’ve got nutrition in there too which comes in handy and that’s the section I enjoyed most in it.

I’d recommend this to someone who already knows what they’re at and just wants to tick the box and get a cert, or if you’re on a strict budget and money is making decisions for you right now that you can fix later.

If that’s your gig there you go.

From the website your looking at about 1,300 squids.

The fitness instructor on its own is even cheaper at about 600 odds.


Ger Conroy

So I looked on the website and im hit with the line turn your fitness passion into your dream job.

Now where have I heard that before?? Seems familiar somehow


So it’s an ITEC cert that he’s reselling and delivering in his gym. One thing I cant fault him on though is he has a gym. Great point when delivering education is that you actually do what you say you do. SO I love tha straight away .

I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Ger in person but I know he knows how to run a gym and he can pass on good knowledge.

Being ITEC he’s delivering the same info as all the other guys who deliver ITEC.

You can find a load of these being delivered all over the place and at hugely varying prices too so do your research.

Back to the course.

2200 Yoyo’s from the website and they’ve payment plans and the lot.

There’s the offer of a free broucher which will outline the ITEC syllabus if it interests you.

Again the syllabus is a great basic level of knowledge across the range of units covered on 1-2-1 personal training and fitness instructing with nutrition very similar to the Active IQ as it’s an off the shelf course that covers the REPS Ireland and UK basic standards for personal training qualification on the framework of education.

Cool thing about here though is the offer of work experience for every student

That’s a great addition getting experience in the gym after this would be exactly the next step to take.


Image Fitness

One look at the website and I can see it’s the ITEC syllabus again so were looking at the exact same syllabus and therefore course as above delivered by different tutors, in this case the Image fitness tutors

Don’t get me wrong a tutor can really bring a course to life and do it in their “flavour if you like. But when you’re stuck to delivering a syllabus that your examined and tested on well you have to do your job and deliver the material end of.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that

That’s the job essentially.

What I am saying is; we see so many of these places using the exact same off the shelf syllabus then banging on about one being better than the other.

Its like buying a Honda of a Honda dealer.  It’s the same car. Just but from the dood you like

 and want to deal with. That’s the craic here.

You don’t see the Honda dealer down the road saying his Hondas are better than the other

 doods Hondas.

They just fight over price.

Which is what’s happening to these doods.

It’s a race to the bottom so I’d hold out and find the cheapest if that’s what your after.

Funny story this is exactly what I witnessed as a Honda dealer myself when targets had to be

 hit. Ye know.

Any-a-way’s back to the course;

The big sell from these guys page

Is the night out afterwards #Afterparty. Some big graduation do or whatever.

You can book directly online for the combination course and get it for €2000 you might even get it lower if you asked to pay in one go.

Same recommendation go’s for this one as does the ITEC course reviewed above cause well,

 it’s the exact same course.



Once again it’s an ITEC

What else can I say here I just stuck the term into the Googles and this is what came up for me and I took them in order

I’m not gonna bore you and repeat the last two reviews.

Let’s look at the price – €1500 for the lot.

BUT – you can come to an open evening and get another 200 off.

So were down to 1200 now for the whole thing, bargain.

And finally;


Here’s the only one on the list that differs from these more generalist courses.

In that this is the Elite Coaching Certification 

What that means is

You cover everything required on a basic personal training qualification as normal

Then you go beyond

You gain full immersion in a coaching system that comes directly from what this gym uses to train their own coaches.

It’s a system that has been developed over 10 years in a live gym to reflect what trainers need to know today to be able to train clients to

 get results that they will pay you for.

Its client tested and results proven. Unlike the courses reviewed above. What’s taught is written by Elite and rewritten as and when needed to reflect changes in market demands, coaching philosophy and often pushes the boundaries of the sector.

The education has won awards for best in fitness education at the Irish Fitness Industry Awards

No wonder it has input form some of the world top educators and coaches in the world today

like Dan John, Mike Robertson, Tony Gentilcore, Perry Nickelston, Juggernaut Training Systems, and Christian Thibaudeau to name a few.

If you’re looking specialise in the actual practical application of coaching not just theoretical information. So you get more time on the gym

 floor in order to improve your ability to coach in real terms and, in real time, with real people, getting live feedback from master coaches

 who do this everyday. So you continually push out of your comfort zone and grow as a coach?

Then this may interest you.

A word of caution though – Its heavy duty.

It’s not easy to pass as the standard is very high, reflecting the high level of detail and ability required to become an Elite Coach at this


Now don’t get me wrong it aint ultimate hellweek, but you will be expected to come with the intent of learning the Elite coaching system fully, then living it daily so you can lead it.

The goal of the company is to redefine the future of the fitness industry by producing education that empowers people.

If you value education over certification then check this out.

Cost – €2997

There are payment plans but they’re only given to successful applicants.

Yeah that’s another thing this is the only course that you cant just “Pay for”

You need to apply as they take limited numbers and you will have to pass the interview process.

Put lightly this information isn’t shared with just anyone.

But if you’ve the right motivation for pursuing fitness in a professional capacity? Like if you wanna turn your passion into a profession?

Check out the website here and learn more

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