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How do you become a Personal Trainer?

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How do you become a personal trainer?

I want you forget everything you think you know about how to become a personal trainer.

Any idea you have about it….just let it go.

For a second.

Because part of my job everyday is to help

people BECOME that.

Going by our students success rate

we do that damn well.

We get aspiring trainers started on the right path and help them become a personal trainer.

How to become a personal trainer

We educate them, teach them coaching


You get the picture.

That’s the OBVIOUS bit.

But it’s not where it starts.

It starts waaaaaay before all that.

Its starts with you.

on your own….

..And an idea.

And then BAM that’s when the bullshit starts.

Because a soon as you share that idea with people they PISS all over your dreams.

best personal training course

You barely finish the sentence “I’m going to become a personal trai…”

And it’s like you just farted in a lift and got found out.


Wait till I tell you this:

I’m only just off the phone to Fiona.

She had that EXACT experience.

After going through school, uni and then finally into her job of pharmacy

She started to ask a question so many do…

“is this what I’ve worked so hard for? Is this my life… forever…

Really…IS THIS IT?”

Now all through Fiona’s life she

had been seriously into training.

She played rugby, was never out

of the gym she started powerlifting.

TO this day she watches the clock in

work until its time to go to the gym.

best pt course in dublin

And it was her parents reaction she

was most afraid of.

“What will they say when I tell them I want to become a trainer?”


What will my friends think?

You see it is scary stuff making the transition into the industry

Stepping out on your own and making your own path.

Going against what every say’s you SHOULD do.

Then that voice in your head makes you look at the

negatives and that whole apprehensiveness, fear of failure mentality kicks in.

We become paralysed by it and do nothing.

Let me tell you like I said to Fiona:

it’s OK to be afraid.

It’s quite a healthy reaction, and in fact

you should be at least a little afraid

It means you have given this step the

deliberate respectful contemplation it deserves

But DON’T let what others think about

you or the thought of initial challenges

stop you from ever TRYING!

Those people who you think will laugh at you?


Because when we see people try something

they believe in, with all their heart & give it their best shot.

We respect those people highly.

So rather than laugh…

these people will respect you even more

for your courage to do what you believe in

SO what happened to Fiona?PT Course dublin

She had thought about it enough.

She knew that vision was never going to go away

She starts with us this Month on her new path,

And she cant wait.

Now it’s over to you

Heard enough and ready to get shit done?

Then download our prospectus and sign up for my emails. HERE

If you still think its for you you can make an application. 

Or if your like me and you’re eager to get started right away you can

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Until then,

Speak soon



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