I Went From Zero to Opening a Gym With 250 Clients and Now my Second Location in 5 Years!

So I finished 4 years of college, got a degree, but there weren’t ANY jobs to get with it……… I did a broad business course ’cause I wanted to do marketing when I left college.  But, there just weren’t any jobs back then The only thing available were marketing internships.  I didn’t want to do that.  SO……… that left only one […]

 Fitness Models Make the Worst Coaches 

Fitness Models

Fitness Models Make the Worst Coaches  What I’m about to say  Is gonna melt the heads off a few people for sure.  But,  While going through applications  For the May 16th Full time ECC and May 17th Part-time  (Which by the way you can apply for one of the spots by going here  / and […]

Change Your Body , Change Your Career

mockup elite

Every single year hundreds of people will think about getting into fitness as a career but have no idea where to start Especially since there’s a lot of BS thrown around about the industry like the following myths:  It’s too saturated, There aren’t any jobs, there’s no money in it and, it’s not a real […]

Best Personal Trainer Course in Dublin

Best Personal Trainer Course in Dublin

Dya wanna know something mad? The term – Best Personal Trainer Course in Dublin, is one of the highest searched terms right now. And I think I know why. After over a year of lockdown A lot of peeps seem to have re-evaluated what’s really important to them And it turns out, it only a […]