1-1 Mentor for your Elite Coaching Cert Course

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    7 weeks, Tue 10:00 AM - Tue 4:00 PM
    This course is only for students that are registered for the Elite Coaching Cert
    • €997.00 incl.


 This is for Elite Coaching Cert students that want 1-1 personal conversations with your personal mentor to guide & help you every step of the way with your Elite Coaching Certificate Course

For the duration of your course you will attend up to 2 video calls per week with your personal mentor. These calls provide; an extra opportunity to ask questions, a deeper dive areas of interest that aren't covered in the course and help you develop a deeper understanding of the course material.

Benefits include:

-Development of own personal education & professional goals

-Deeper understanding of coaching process

-Development of own personal strength & fitness

-Improved confidence & certainty of your ability

-Heightened self-awareness of strengths

-Strengthening of weak areas

-Creating a balanced college life

-Discover clarity of purpose

-Habit formation coaching



-15 min 1-1 personal conversations with your personal mentor to guide you & help you every step of the way with your fitness education journey per week to  (bi weekly for part time)

-Complete strength & fitness coaching

-Personalised strength & fitness plan

-Personalised learning plans & guidance

-Open gym practise time



-People that want to scrape by 

-People that don't want to get the most out of their Elite course

-People that aren't students of Elite FPA

-People that aren't booked onto an Elite Coaching Cert course



-People that strive to be the best

-People that want to imrpove their strength & fitness

-People that want to turbocharge their learning

-People that want clarity of purpose

-Students of ELITE FPA, past, present or future. Please not you must be booked onto a course or have completed a course with Elite FPA to take part in this


Please select the date that matches with your Elite Coaching Cert Course

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