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How Anyone With A True Passion For Fitness Can Turn It Into A Real Career As A Personal Trainer And Never Have To Worry About Money Again

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Do you have a True passion for fitness? Want to know how to turn that into real Career as a Personal Trainer?

I’ve actually figured it out.

Seriously. I have.

I now know exactly why people find it so HARD to make the title statement come true for them.

I NOW know why some people will NEVER make it in this industry as a Personal Trainer

I know why they will continually hustle for clients, continually drop their prices in response to competition and why they will eventually burn out and fade away.

Even better still…

I can show you how to avoid becoming like them.

You see, recently I sent an email about people winging it.


I got an email straight back from Lorna.

She studied our part time PT Course 

She’s PISSED OFF big time.fms 2

In my email I was talking about trainers

who skimp on education

and look for the cheap route.

Or, who simply don’t research the course content enough

and get sucked in by pretty websites.

And then have to google stuff to come up with workouts

because their education wasn’t good enough.

And she comes back with this bombshell right here, you won’t believe it:

“It’s such a coincidence that you brought up this topic. I’m in the part time PT course and we learned how to do our squat, bench and dead lift properly last Saturday….


……….I was really PISSED off


“Finding out that I had been performing these movements wrong for years – the others on my course thought it was funny – what is funny about FOUR different personal trainers (from the past) teaching me incorrectly or not correcting my form!?!


SO, you can see why she’s pissed right?

She has been training with 4 separate Trainers

(thankfully not one from my course)

and they hadn’t the first clue

about how to coach a simple squat or deadlift.


I can’t believe people STILL get away with this shit.

personal training courses are useless

(If you don’t have the confidence to do what it says on your cert do you really have a cert?)

Know what? I’m sick of defending this kind of thing

because there’s only one reason why you’d be a trainer

and NOT know how to do and coach these movements effectively…


You don’t care enough about your clients to INVEST in your education.

Sure, you can get a “PT Cert” online and pay less than a grand.

But that re-enforces my point.

You don’t care enough to invest in YOURSELF.


Your first thought is MONEY.

personal trainer course

(“I just google shit and tell you what it comes up with”)

If that’s you up there ^^^

…If all you can think about when you’re exploring the idea of becoming a PT…..is MONEY.

…..Then do us all a favour AND QUIT NOW 

Don’t waste both mine, yours and holy shit, yeah, your future client’s time.
Because here’s what you get from people like this…

“I already know how to train all I need is the “cert” I’m already a great trainer sure look at my abs”

^^^ That is the comments of a complete wab.

You’re wrong for my course.

I don’t want to hear from you.

just stop reading right now.

For the rest of you…

Then here’s the positive from all this, listen to Lorna…

“It’s like they were just winging it, even when I said, “man, I can’t move my back they day after dead lifts’. NOT ONCE have any of these so called ‘trainers’ told me ‘ehhh no you should feel it in your hamstrings, not your lower back”, until I came to Elite FPA.  


This has altered my ‘Why’, I want to give clients the knowledge and support to ensure they are achieving their goals safely, correctly to help themselves transform, while enjoying the whole journey with me rooting for them, because I will know what the hell I’m talking about!”


Lorna, you little legend.

You’re exactly the kind of person I want in my course

You “get it”

You understand the value of real education.

I’m just sorry you had to experience that to understand.

But, know what? “Hindsight is 20/20” as they say.

Its great to be able to look back sometimes

and say “holy shit what was I thinking or doing.”

It means……..

you’re growing

you’re learning

you’re developing.

Sometimes it takes us to see really bad training

before we can compare it to really “good” training.

I just hope you see the light before you drop €2,747 on a course

and then still have to google workouts at the end.

SO now you’ve had a peek inside my mind and the way I think.

If you’ve read this far 

and you want to know more about what we do at Elite 

Then click this ==> LINK <== and download full course details 

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