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Amanda had the ONE thing you need to make it in the fitness industry as a PT…..

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In the past we have celebrated a lot of our students who have gone on and opened their own facilities

This was to show you how this is possible…..

BUT we also have so many students who are rockin the fitness industry

as managers, fitness instructors, personal trainers 

Here is Amanda who since finishing up in Elite 5 years ago is now living her dream job managing Full Body Workhouse in Roscommon.

what’s your average day look like? 

Average day starts at about 5:30, I get to work at 6,

if you don’t like early mornings don’t know if the fitness industry is for you!!!

I am in the gym from 6 until 2 between training, managing the gym nutrition plans etc etc 

After that I do two hours of online coaching work 

I also try a get a bit of study in as I am doing a nutrition course and pre and postnatal coaching course.

Is this what you envisage happening when you got into the fitness industry?

Its not easy out there is it? what sort of challenges have you come up against?

Definitely nothing good comes without struggle

Shortly after finishing in Elite I tore my ACL  I had to have surgery 

I was actually a trainer who couldn’t train, that was a really hard start to my fitness career

I then went on to do boot camps that kind of fizzled out 

Finally I got a full-time job in a leisure center which definitely wasn’t what I envisage but

it gave me so much experience for the job that I’m in now which I actually asked for.

don’t sit back and wait for it to happen

I had to do the dirty work, I had to do free gigs whatever it was to try and get my

name out there to try and  build up a rapport.

But I got there in the end…..

What advice would you give to someone thinking about getting into the industry? PT course Ireland

To be a success in this industry, your day doesn’t end after your 8 hr shift.

you should be continously educating yourself whether its doing

courses, reading books, listening to podcasts etc..

The fitness industry is constantly evolving and you need to know what is going on out there.

So don’t think once you have your cert in your hand that that is it, you are done.

Persistence is key, make it happen, get yourself out there……………

Here I am 2 and half years later running a successful business

hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard 

I’m living the dream I’m managing a successful business and I get the run of the place without having the stress of owning my own business

what would you say was unique about what you did here at elite?

The amount of effort that’s put in on your side the amount of course content,

This gave me the tools and the confidence to work in the fitness industry.

I believe so much in what Elite does and still does that

I’ve actually hired two other elite graduates.

There is an assumption out there that you should hate your job…..

But that doesn’t need to be the case

Why not be doing something you love

Start today


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