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“Am I too young and too inexperienced to be a Personal Trainer”


I was 19, just finished school which to be honest I hated.

I had no motivation in school, so wasn’t sure if college was for me

I took a year out….

In that time I got into fitness, I wanted to lose weight

I started training in a small Personal Training studio

My PT was great, made me feel great after every session and I thought

I want to be just like him, I wanted to become a Personal Trainer….

I started asking him about where did he do his course

He was young but seemed to know so much……

He told me about Elite,

“What Its only 6 weeks and I will get the cert I need”

He said yes you will get the knowledge and systems in 6 weeks you need to make it out there as PT.

But I soon learned

Its not just a cert, you can get that anywhere its the education you need to give you the confidence to make it.

I was worried was I too young, I haven’t been training for long.

But at Elite they give you the tools to apply what you learn in real life

Once you listen to the process, and are open to the process,

you will have the skills and knowledge to make it as a successful Personal Trainer

I wasn’t super confident, so if I can do it anyone can!!!!!!

After only a year

Emily is now working as a very successful Personal Trainer and earning up to €800 a week.

Do you want to know more about the course she did with us???

Then go ==> HERE  <== to check the Elite Coaching Certification HERE

Which I have to say……won us the “Best in Fitness Education” award at the Irish Fitness Industry Awards 🙂


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